MYSQL as Open-Source Software


MYSQLas Open-Source Software

MYSQLas Open-Source Software

Ofall the most used open source software, the MySQL is one of the mostreliable and widely used database management systems. MySQL is adatabase management system that is written in the C and C++programming language (MYSQL,2015).The system operates on many web based platforms, including Linux andwindows among many others. MySQL was developed for web applicationsand has become a popular choice of database management system formany large organizations like Google, Facebook and Adobe (MYSQL,2015).Most companies use MySQL to develop and manage their database becauseof the advantages that the open source software has.

Oneof the advantages is that MySQL allows the use of other web-basedapplication and website builders such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupalland MODx among many others (Gilmore,2010).Another advantage is that MySQL ships without the use of anyGraphical User Interface to administer it on most platforms, exceptWindows platforms (MYSQL,2015).In addition, MySQL is easy to use and is freely accessed bydevelopers. At the same time, MySQL is created in a standard versionand has a support system that is readily available.

However,MySQL has a few stability issues when it comes to auditing, handlingreferences and large transactions. In addition, the development ofMySQL is not community-driven, and so its progress has lagged on(Gilmore,2010).On the functional side, the MySQL functionality depends highly on theadd-ons, which can be sometimes be frustrating to developers.

Theuse of MySQL can be very useful for an organization whose onlinepresence is needed. The use of MySQL is particularly necessary forsuch an organization that does not have enough finances to purchaseother database systems. MySQL will be useful to an organization insetting its website and placing of online content. This makes MySQL aserious and useful database management system for use.


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