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Effectiveadvertising and promotion strategies place products a niche abovetheir competitors hence capitalizing on large economies of scale andcreating a large fan base (Belch&amp Belch, 2001).Arrays of strategies implemented for effective advertising andpromoting include public relations, the actual sales, advertising itas well as promotions. For the debut of heel to go into the UAEmarket, this research aims at looking into how it can effectivelybrainstorm the industry. Despite enjoying a solo presence in theindustry, there is need to venture into the market by storm tocapitalize on a large customer base.


Aproper advertising plan is essential for heels to go with intent ofcreating awareness to the target market of its existence. Because itis a new product with non-other like it in the market, a lot of focusand emphasis is of essence. A lot of awareness ought to be createdwith intent of acquitting the target market with the product. According to (Belch&amp Belch, 2001)layout of the advertising strategy making sure to follow stringentadvertising rules is vital ensuring to focus on promotionalobjectives, analysis on the company’s promotional budget, lookinginto the pros and cons of advertising as well as implications of theadvertising drive.


Advertisingis done by putting in mind the presence of the targeted end users ofthe products. Women are the target for heels to go hence apromotional approach ought to be carried through platforms bearing ahigher likelihood of reaching them. Mass media is an effectiveapproach for advertising hence heels to go can put up ads on TV,women magazines, newspapers, radio and on the internet.


Thisis also another effective strategy for advertising with specific biasto new entrants. It includes physical deliveries of products, pointof sale displays, sending mails and letters as well as telemarketing(Clow&amp Baack, 2004).It is more effective in that the marketing team gets first-handinformation and feedback of the product point on unlike other avenueswhere direct feedback is not delivered. The heels to go sales teamshould therefore focus on reaching out to women physically where theywould be in apposition to explain on the new product, answer to theirquestions as well as listen to their feedback. The feedback isessential in taking notes for areas that need adjustments.


According to (Chunawalla,2008), publicrelations is carried out with involvement of the press by holdingpress launches, releases, briefs as well as organizing press events.It is a prestigious mode of advertising that can also be costly henceonly advisable if expected returns equal to advertising costs. It isalso quite effective when the target market audience is the highstatus in the society noted more with pricing.


Effectivesales promotions and advertising are the keys to successful marketinghence for any new entrant to thrive in the market it has to adopt apowerful brainstorm bearing in mind to emphasize on the strategiesanalyzed from the research.


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