New Storytelling Methods

NewStorytelling Methods

Thereare various storytelling methods in the current society. In thecontemporary world, people have embarked on the media as a medium ofstorytelling. They focus on telling the stories through the mediumsthat are easily accessible. The storytellers craft their tales suchthat they can be accessible in visual forms through mobileapplications. The stories are told in the film through a combinationof different components of the plot. The films contain actors,background music, and the movies are acted to seem like a realcontext. In the past like 20 years the current methods would not beapplicable. The orthodox way of storytelling would be through the useof books as well as verbal, oral literature. With time, the evolutionled to the use of films that would be recorded by the use of CompactDisks. The Discs require the disc player and a screen to view thefilms.

Accordingto virtual and augment text, the use of the augmented reality (AR)facilitates the observation of a physical or real world directly orindirectly (Bronwen 61). The Virtual Reality (VR) method facilitatesthe replacement of a real world with a simulated one. The two methodshelp in enhancing a clear vision of a physical world or a simulatedworld. In most cases, the use of AR is ahead of the use of VR. Peoplehave come up with the method to blend physical world with the virtualworld. There is a constant use of the Google glasses that enhance theAR. People are temporarily taken out of reality, and they experiencea new and different world. The glasses facilitate a constantconcentration, and the consumer is less distractive to the peoplearound them.

Sincethe audio-visual films take a longer period to tell a tale, vinecomics storytellers came up with a way of shortening the time thefilm is taking. Therefore, they came up with a way of stopping motionin that the brand would establish conflict, a climax and a surprisingconclusion within six seconds. With time then more films were createdthat would take only a few seconds to relay a complete story (Bronwen144).

Theanimation is another way of storytelling (Ferdig 66). People recordtheir voices and then use animation for the visual purposes. Theanimals are manipulated in that they look as if they are the onescommunicating. The old stories about animals would be acted byanimals that fit in the character. The audio is first recorded usingpeople`s voices then the animation is placed in the visual form. Theformat attracts the attention of the audience. It creates humor, andthere is no boredom as it is intriguing about the animal`s reactions.

Maptiais an application also used by the storytellers to create maps andupload stories and photos. These photos can be weaved into a richlylayered portrait of a person, culture or place (Bronwen 144). The useof maps shortens the distance between people in that they bringpeople together. This distance is however created in the viewersmind. They can also be used to show the proximity and the nearness ofcultures and how they have borrowed from one another as well as howthey deviate from one another. The map though small gives manydifferent stories that may run across the world.

Thestory consumers were mostly children. With the current use ofsoftware and mobile applications, the storytelling has spread out topeople of all ages. The movies are also available and portable in allareas hence increment in the number of consumers.

Overthe past 20 years, the use of AR and AR was a mere thought. Manycompanies had tried it but failed. The movies would be available onthe screen and also through the use of the Compact Discs (Dorner43).Some of the films would take a longer period to explain the wholestory. The contemporary methods have various strengths. They came upwith a way of making the stories more real and interesting.

Theuse of AR incorporates the audience into the story told. They areimmersed into a virtual world where there is no touch with thephysical world. The use of Goggle Glasses helps the audience toconcentrate without the distraction from the physical reality (Ferdig66). There is no interruption caused to the surrounding people. Theinitial use of screen would be accompanied by noise interruption aswell as stealing other people`s attention. The use of AR and VR makesan individual to concentrate to the story telling without attractingthe attention of the people around. The weakness of the method isthat one requires a more sophisticated machine that is expensive toacquire.

Inconclusion, there is an observable change in the storytellingtechniques. The techniques that are currently used include AR, VR,animation, and the shortening of the films to six seconds time amongothers. In future, the use of AR and VR will be widespread andaffordable. People will be able to consume a story in the bestvirtual manipulation of the physical reality. The form will not belimited to a few but all.


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