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Nike advert


The argument presented in the advert is that women have thesame abilities as men. Nike shoes and sportswear are credited in theadvert for the success that women have in sports such as running. Theimage in the advert argues that women are better runners than men.The tick symbol for Nike indicates success. The content of the advertis attractive and presents information clearly. The advert compriseswordings and pictures and it is essential to state that all of themare visible. The earphones are visible which Nike is trying toadvertise to the young runners (Nike Ad Analysis 1). The band in thehand is also visible in the advert. It is clear that the advert hasbeen organized perfectly with the wordings being on top of thepicture. This makes every aspect of the advert clear to the audience.The clear language that has been used is the one of the sports. Theimage of a running lady indicates sports language. English languagehas been used in the wordings since it is understood and readable tonumerous people across the world. The message is simple and directand therefore the advert delivers the message to the target audienceclearly (Nike Ad Analysis 1). The advert used a style where there isa combination of both images and words.

Target audience

It is evident that this advert targets the runners especially theyoung runners. The Nike company seeks to recruit young runners intothe competition which is gender based. The advert targets sportspeople across the world especially the runners with the new Nike+network where the runners can connect with their fellow runners (NikeAd Analysis 1). The advert also informs the runners about the gadgetthat records their distance and the progress they are making in theirpractice. This advert will be interest to the various young runnersacross the world. This will include both the males and the females.Additionally, it is essential to note that the competition will beonline and therefore every person across the world can participate.

This advertisement was made by the Nike Company. Nike is aninternational company that deals with sportswear such as shoes andcaps. Numerous sportsmen and women across the world use Nike’sproducts in their sports activities. The company sells sportswearacross the world and now it sells software that tracks the distancesthat runners have ran. The purpose of the author to put across thisadvert was to ensure that it attracts numerous young runners. Theadvert was meant to enhance the online competition and increase thesale of the sportswear by the company (Nike Ad Analysis 1). It isessential to note that every company advertises with the intention ofincreasing sales. It is also clear to note that the company wanted toensure that the software for tracking runners gets to be known by theclients, as well as its usefulness. It is clear that the advert wascalling for the audience to go further and visit the Nikeplus websiteand gather more information regarding the new products.


It is clear that most of the people view advertisements as scams toswindle clients of their money. Many targeted audience view advertsas exaggerated and hardly believe in what the advertisement says.Whereas Nike is a well known company with a great brand, the targetedaudience will still have reservations about the truth of theinformation presented in the advert. Target audiences always believethat the company is after increasing the sales and therefore theadvertisement is only meant to hoodwink the clients. There arenumerous other companies that deal with sportswear and therefore thisadvertisement may not be taken seriously by the target audience. Thismay be due to the numerous adverts by other companies which implythat the target audience may not get sufficient time to read andanalyze all the adverts.


This advert seeks to solve a number of problems that athletesexperience in their practice and in their races. To start with, theadvert seeks to resolve the issue of tracking the distance that theathlete has covered. This is through the introduction of softwarethat is compatible with IPods or with specially designed bands.Additionally, the software will track the progress of the runners andtherefore help them improve. It is also clear that the advert iscalling on women to enhance their running and gives them anopportunity to compete with men. Although men worn in this challenge,it is clear that the advert was a source of inspiration to the femaleathletes all across the world. It is also evident from the Nikepluswebsite that the advert allowed the runners to purchase sportswearonline (Nike Ad Analysis 1). According to the above information, theathletes or the target audience had the need to pay attention to theadvert. Although the advert may be similar to many other adverts thatthe audience have come across, it is clear that this advert containedcrucial information that is of great help to the runners. The runnerscan highly benefit from the information provided herein.

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