No Country for Old Men

NoCountry for Old Men

Inthe film and novel , Anton Chigurh acts therole of a ruthless hit man who happens to be amongst the pioneers ofthe unstoppable murder machine kind. From the movie Anton has beenportrayed as a professional hit man who will do anything to ensurethat he maintains his reputation as a hit man and at the same time heworks to earn his pay. He is further described as a man who has nocompassion or remorse towards other human beings (McCarthy, pg97).Anton not only is he a hit man he also comes out as one who haspsychopath characters.

Antoncan be termed and be described as a psychopath from the symptomsgiven out by Hervey Cleckley which include having average or aboveaverage intelligence, this can be seen in the movie with how hemanages to not only steal medical supplies from a drug store but healso treats himself (McCarthy, pg110). Lack of irrational thinkingand delusions rules him out as a maniac he being insincere anduntrue comes out in the movie as one who would lie with the essenceof obtaining his aim. Anton deeds of being antisocial which are bothpoorly planned and inadequately motivated leads him into makingrushed decisions that provide unwanted results.

Additionallyit can further be said Anton psychopath character of failure and poorjudgment has again contributed to him being portrayed as a psychopathkiller (King, Lynnea, Rick, James, pg140). His absence of verbalfacility and calmness gives him out as a man who is quick to angerand thus he cannot be found conversing with other people. Hischaracters place him in a platform where he can be said to be anindividual who prefers being alone. He is not one who would becomfortable around people and by that he has managed to increase hispsychopath level.

Inaddition, his way of life which is not planned thus lacking orderleads him into a non caring state. This has largely contributed tohim having no remorse towards anything or anyone (King, Lynnea, Rick,James, pg167) this on the other hand motivates him into even havinga desire to kill more for he feels no regrets. Anton’s lack ofsuicidal attempts creates a substitute which in this case is his loveand passion to end other people’s lives. His random change inmanner makes him be very unpredictable, as the same behavior traitsstill are present even when he is in his sober state.

Onemay still add that he being unpredictable gives him the upper hand ofbeing undetectable as a killer, his way of at times being very calmin some situations like that time he was able to steal medicalsupplies from a drug store yet there were other people present in thestore.

Thecharacter of Anton incapacity to feel love or have any attachmentstowards anyone has been seen in how he portrays himself as aself-centered man. From Hervey Cleckley’s psychopath descriptionone gets to understand clearly that Aton’s lack of responsibilitiesto anyone has really contributed to him being a heartless man whotook up a habit which in this particular case is killing people notonly to get paid but also he turned it into a fun thing for himselfand for this he fits into the psychopath description.


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