November 11th 2015



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Re: Security Specialist Position

Iam here by placing my request to be considered for employment as asecurity specialist into your esteemed organization Federal Express(FedEx) in the USA, to offer the required skills and services.

Iam a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justicewith emphasis on homeland security. In addition, I have a certificateof completion for both basic and advance courses, in The ReidTechnique of Interviewing and Interrogation. This would be an addedadvantage for me when interviewing employees that may have stolenfrom your company.

Ihave a wealth of skills, which would transform into an advantage foryour company. I have had extensive experience working as part of thesecurity team for different organizations. I have worked as a policeofficer for six years under different department with different lawenforcement responsibilities. I have worked as part of the patrolteam whereby I assisted in securing people and property, dealingdirectly with clients to resolve disturbances, working with securityequipment and participating in security patrols. In addition, withmy keen eye, I am able to discern things that others simple miss andI feel this is important. I am able to communicate well to ensurethat everyone I am working with understands their responsibilities. Ican work well with supervision or no supervision.

CurrentlyI am working as a district manager for Andy Frain Services, which isa contract security vendor for Federal Express. We provide securityofficers at FedEx facilities. I oversee North West Indiana, Illinois,and Wisconsin. I have 250 employees, 52 supervisors and 6 areamanagers all report to me. I have received many accolades from othersecurity specialists within FedEx for running their accounts so well.

Pleasefind attached my resume and other testimonials for further referenceand action in earnest.

Ihope you will be able to see my resourcefulness and accord me a dueconsideration. I am looking forward to hear from you. Thanks inadvance.