NURS 340 Health promotion Across the Lifespan

Clinical Work with Family

First Family Visit


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The forth interview was on the 29 October 2015. The whole family wasat home since it was a weekend. The family is made up of father amother and 3 children and other relations.

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Extended family

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New Jersey

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Junior family members

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Father. Mr Bernnet



C. Bernnet

C. Bernnet

J. Bernnet

C. Bernnet

Thefamily is made of Christians. From the discussion with the familymembers, it emerged that they always have religious prayers everySaturday night. Each of the family members including those that onlywork in the family should attend these prayers. They also attendprayers every Sunday in a local church. The family is Latino andprefers to relate with people of the Latino origin. Though somefamily members have no problems associating with people from othergroups, the elderly ones were keen on the people they related with.There was quite a reservation with the older generation as theypreferred only to associate with people from their ethnic groups. Thefamily dietary habits were more diverse. Though most to the peoplepreferred the traditional diet, the young members of the family weremore comfortable with the processed food. There seemed to be a clashbetween tradition and modernity. The older members of the familypreferred to hold on to the traditions while the junior familymembers preferred modernity.

There was much of diversity in the language spoken in the home. Thefamily had stayed in America for about 20 years. All of the childrenwere born in America. It follows then that the language spoken by thechildren is dominated by English. The older members of the family hadgrown up in the Latino homes, and they preferred to speak thereLatino language. There is a fusion of both English and Latino in thehomestead. There seems to be a preference to traditional andindigenous health belief. This is only dominating in the old members,but the young members do not have the same belief. Member that joinedthe family and did not have a Latino Origin preferred to use modernhealth practices such as family planning. The family engaged activelyin the activities of the local church. Most members of the familywere either leader in the church or had an active position in thelocal church. For instance, the father was a preacher in the localchurch, the mother led the women’s fellowship, and one of the sonswas an active choir member.

The average analysis of the family puts them at the middle-classincome earners. The people that are employed in the family are thefather who is a doctor and the mother who is a teacher. The averagefamily income is about $48,000. It was mentioned earlier that thegrandparents live with this family. The family receives supplementaryfunds from the government to take care of the old. With an incomethat is relatively small and with such a huge family, it is apparentthat the family feels that their income is quite inadequate. This hasforced the family to look for another source of income such asbusinesses. Some of the family members sell products in the localmarket.