Nurse Education



Ina bid to enhance development of clinical skills, make a foundationfor your career and enhance confidence one has to get somementorship. For nurses to succeed in their careers they need all thesupport and encouragement in order for them to face the challengesand meet their career goals in their transition to working nurses.

Thisinterview was conducted through a telephone conversation with anolder and experienced nurse who was having lunch break. The interviewwas conducted in an engaging manner in such a way that communicationwas clear and to the point.

Someof the questions I asked during the interview included among others,the teaching strategies and theories used to promote active learning,evaluation of education programs for nurses, challenges that a newstudent should be ready to encounter during their education periodand as a new entrant in the career.

Theresponses I got for the questions were that the strategies usedmostly include those that help the students think critically andenhance their problem solving abilities. Active learning is used soas to help the students take responsibility of their own learning andapply their knowledge in clinical work (Herrman, 2008). Some of theminclude lectures which even though it’s an old strategy it is stillthe most used. It is efficient in that information is availed to ahuge number of students and it is the best way to introduce complexinformation to students. Other strategies include questioning,self-directed learning and content mapping.

Self-evaluationis a theory of teaching that gets the students to set their own goalsand evaluate their progress and decide on which learning methods arebest for them. Problem based theories and case based strategies arealso used. Some of the challenges that students encounter arebehavioral and emotional reactions towards the practice. Taming onesbehavior to suit the nursing profession is hard and one needsdiscipline to attain positive reinforcement of one’s behavior.

Theinterview then came to an end after the educative conversation withthe nurse.


Herrman,J. W. (2008). Creativeteaching strategies for the nurse educator.Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Co.