Online Video Analysis

OnlineVideo Analysis


Thevideo I decided to research on and give an analysis of it is themarketing concept. By definition from the videos that I viewed isthat it is a way that companies should first analyze the wants oftheir customers and then make decisions from that research to satisfythe wants of their customers.(Dibb, S et al. 2005)

Video1. (


Thevideo starts with the introduction of the person talking on thevideo. I find this important because for future reference for theclient watching the video. When the client needs more advice onapplying the marketing concept to hisher company, it will be easy tofind her. The next step was introducing the topic that the author didbut did not define the meaning of the marketing concept. The authorwent on to give the three components of the marketing concept andexplained to detail what the components are. The video also discussedwhat it takes to implement the market concept and factors that canhinder the market concept not to be effective e.g. supplies closedown their company.(Dibb, S et al. 2005)


Thevideo was on par according to the standards of what a good video is.A good video is a video that when the author explains one canunderstand because of the written explanations. This means that theviewer can write short notes while watching the video. This method isgood for people who are slow learners.

Applicabilityof subject to the course

Theauthor has clearly explained the merits of the using the marketingconcept and in any marketing platform. What people are interested inis customer satisfaction, a good annual profit and growth of thecompany. Therefore, the subject is useful to the course because ithelps in making better decisions that affect the company



Inmy second video, the author starts by giving the definition of themarketing concept that to the viewer is easy to understand. The nextstep the author started explaining how the market concept came to beand implemented. The author talked about the previous methods thatcompanies used. The explanation of the previous methods used by thecompanies makes the viewer understand better the market concept.Finally, the video ended by the author explaining the elements of themarketing concept.


Asmy first video, I find that this video is good also as the authordisplays what he is talking about. The best thing was that the authorwas getting the reference from a particular website so the viewer cango to the website and get more information.

Howsubject pertains to the course.

Inthis video, it is evident that the author of the video has notclearly described the merits of the market concept therefore for theviewer implementing the subject to the course will be hard

Comparisonof the two videos

Thetwo videos on explaining the definition of the market concept, thefirst video did not give a good definition compared to the secondvideo. The introduction of the author is important to me because offuture reference. The second video the author did not introducehimself therefore if I needed him for more information finding theauthor will be a bit hectic. The second video the author wasexplaining the definition of the marketing concept directly from thewebsite. Therefore, this makes the viewer watching the video feelthat the website has better information than the video itself. Onexplaining the definitions extensively, I feel that the first videowas better because it explained the advantages of the market concept.It also explained the factors that could affect the market concept.The video had more and concrete facts that a student can understandand use. The information was more factual and can easily influencesomeone to use the concept.(Dibb, S et al. 2005)


Thefirst video takes like the best video for explaining the definitionswell compared to the second video. The use of videos to explainproves to be a more efficient method as a student tends to understandthe topic very well. The videos also make it easy to implement themethods in real life situations. This enables the student to ready totackle issues in the business world


Dibb,S., Simkin, L., Pride, W. M., &amp Ferrell, O. C. (2005). Marketing:Concepts and strategies(p. 850). Houghton Mifflin.