Opinion on Mandatory College Attendance


To the Editor


When students enroll in colleges and universities, they have theirgoals clear to study and pass their exams. Therefore, they haveclear objectives that do not require any other enforcement for themto become ideal. Therefore, the policy to have students attend alltheir classes should not be implemented in the college.

First, students are responsible adults who are of legal age, and theyare in the capacity to make the right decision regarding theirstudies (Casillas, 2005). From experience, students wean from intenseparental control after they leave high school. Also, students agreethat they can decide how to utilize their time responsibly, and theyshould not be pushed around to go to class.

Also, some students have various engagements from where they get afew dollars for their upkeep. Sometimes, they are required to work afew hours that may extend to coincide with class hours (Casillas,2005). Therefore, requiring them to be present during every lessonwill inconvenience them. Also from experience as a college student,there is no one who will miss all the lectures in preference ofanother activity. Therefore, instead of having a mandatoryattendance, the university would rather set a percentage of therequired attendance.

In addition to this, class attendance should not be taken as athreshold to set a student’s performance. Deducting one’s pointsfor missing a class even if they perform well in exams is unfair. Itmay make those who perform poorly be ahead of those who miss a fewlessons and score high points (Casillas, 2005).

In conclusion, colleges should not tighten the noose around students’class attendance, and it should not be mandatory. However, a certainpercentage of attendance may be set bearing in mind that students areresponsible and may have other side occupations.


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