The Latino family isassociated with the traditional diet for the older individuals butthe young generation prefers processed food. This is an indicationthat the young generation is subjected to cholesterol intake and thusdiseases like hypertension and obesity is likely to be experienced. The young generation should be assessed of the Body Mass Index (BMI).BMI should be carried so that risk factors that are associated withhigh intake of cholesterol can be noticed. When the BMI is conductedthe Latino family can be aware of underweight, normal, overweight andobese family members and thus the solution to the problem is offeredinstantly.

The father being adoctor implies that they can conduct health assessment any time sinceno payment is required. Additionally, the Latino family is a middleincome earner and they can afford family health assessment. Regularcheck- ups are needed for the young generation since the processedfood is likely to bring heart diseases due to cholesterol intake.

The relocation fromBrazil to North America is likely to change the family lifestyle. TheAmericans consume processed food and thus their traditional diet islikely to be subjected by the Americans lifestyle which will bringserious problem both the young and older generation. Though theLatino family has a doctor in the homestead they should take thatadvantage and ensure that assessment is carried regularly.Therelocation from Brazil to North America is likely to cause allergiesto the Latino family due to pollution and thus likelihood of asthmaand other related diseases. When regular check- ups are conductedthen the heart diseases that results from eating of processed foodand pollution allergies can be treated instantly based that thefather is a doctor.