Organizational Behavior Employee Motivation


OrganizationalBehavior: Employee Motivation

Maria’snew strategy to enhance employee motivation should focus on three keyfactors: employee engagement through training and career development,open communication, and recognition through rewards and other formsof appreciation. Training and career development allow the employeesto feel valued by the management and hence remain focused andcommitted to achieving their personal and organizational targets.(McShane, Steen and Tasa, 2015). To ensure a successful change in theemployee attitudes towards the management, Maria should formulatestrategies that ensure employee training and career development aregiven priority. It is apparent that there is a communicationbreakdown between employees and the management in Maria`s company. Tomotivate employees, Maria should come up with strategies that embracesocial communication, encourage interaction among employees. Mariashould convince the management to communicate openly all issuesaffecting employees to encourage upward communication. Upwardcommunication will allow the employees to air out all their issues tothe management making it easy to find solutions to issues before theybuild up to complex conflicts.

Maria’sstrategy should ensure employees are recognized for their goodperformance through rewards and other forms of appreciation. From thecase study, it is clear one of the primary factors leading to thelack of motivation and poor performance among the Company`s employeesis the lack of recognition for their good performance (Ladd, 2004).According to McShane, Steen, and Tasa, a reward system such as salaryincrement, gifts and vacations are some of the ways that a company’smanagement can use to motivate its employees (2015). Employees feelvalued and remain focused on achieving their goals when their hardwork and good performance is recognized by the management.


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