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Leadershipis exceedingly critical and leaders need to ensure that they channelthe skills and knowledge that they have to an organization in theright manner (Adeniyi, 2007). Through this, positive leadership wouldbe realized. The purpose of this report is to analyze Alex Sander’scase in the report, I will identify the problem, analyze thesituation, analyze options, and offer recommendations.


Inthe case, the problem entails how the talent of Alex sander can bechanneled so as to ensure positive leadership and success of theproduct group at Landon.

Justificationof the Problem

Fromthe case, it is evident that Alex Sander is an exceedingly hardworking as well as goal-oriented individual. Nevertheless, Alex lacksthe capacity of working together as a team with the other employees.His boss, Sam Glass, is facing a significant situation and needs tomake a decision concerning how to convince Alex that the leadershipskills he has, have to change radically. In case Alex discovers hisleadership problems and adjusts his conduct as well as attitude withthe co-workers and colleagues, he as well as the company can benefitremarkably. Because of this reason, Sam needs to use all the evidencewhich he obtained from the feedbacks offered by people concerningAlex at the office, and make Alex take into consideration what isrequired to be done so as to assess the organization’s futureprojects. Alex should become involved with other individuals andstart working with them appropriately instead of ignoring andhumiliating them.


Thesituation in the case is such that Avant-Garde has made anacquisition of Landon Care Products and has offered Alex the chanceof shining. The incoming company has made an allocation of $25million on a new skin care product that is to be marketed in theUnited States and Europe. Following the success of Alex in a previousrebranding of two skin care products, Alex seems like he would beconsidered as a key player in leading the team product during thedevelopment of the major marketing and sales strategy for the newskin product. Alex appeared every time he could and received all thecredit on for the excellent results obtained previously. In thiscase, an assumption can be made that this was a vast project that wasdirected by Alex, but he did not work alone since there were otherindividuals working at Landon at the moment. Thus, there was effortas well as hard work of other workers involved in the project.Unfortunately, Alex believed that the results of the project weresuccessful due to his competence. This is an indication that hedisregarded the efforts and hard work of other workers. This made therest of the staff to feel underestimated by Alex this made theatmosphere at the office to become negative since nobody desiredworking with Alex.

Itcannot be disputed that Alex has the capacity of overcoming anyobstacle that comes across indeed, he is self confident andexceedingly smart. However, because of his arrogance, he cannot be apeople’s choice as a leader. Despite Sam realizing that he receivescomplains from other employees almost every day through feedbacksconcerning Alex, he does not seem concerned because he has not doneeven a single thing to prove his concern. For example, Sam has notconvened any department meeting, where every employee can be offeredthe opportunity of presenting arguments concerning the situation. Itmay be seen as if Sam is only having the conversation with Alex sincehe wants him to perform 360oevaluation. Therefore, Sam is also part of the issue since he has notdone anything that can ensure the employees work as a team with Alex.

Thechallenge facing the company is in the hands of Sam and can turnaround the situation so as to make the new project a success.Besides, the office atmosphere is very critical in ensuring thesuccess of the new project thus it is important for Sam to try andsave the situation where other employees would consider Alex as ateam player. Because Sam is the leader in this case, he has to ensurethat he makes the best decision that would realize the best outcomefor the company.

Thecompany may have three objectives that are from its goals, which arecritical in resolving the situation it is facing. The first objectivethat is of first priority to the organization entails succeeding inthe new $25M project, the second objective which is of secondpriority may include improving the working environment, and the thirdobjective which is of third preference is ensuring long-termperformance of Alex’s career in the organization.


Thereare three options that can be considered in the case and they possessboth advantages and disadvantages. The following paragraphs discussthe three options that are available together with their merits anddemerits

Thefirst option entails moving Alex in another different position wherethe interaction with other employees is minimal. Because of thetalents that Alex has and his competence in the division, it islikely that the company would not be willing to sack him. Since theorganization may not be willing to sack him, it may opt to offer himanother position where he will have minimal interactions with theother employees. One of the advantages of this option is that theproject will run successfully since all the required individuals areon-board. Also, because of the minimal interactions with otheremployees, the office environment may seem conducive for otheremployees to work. However, there are disadvantages that areassociated with the option. One demerit of putting Alex in anotherdifferent position where interactions are minimal is that there willstill be problems amid the employees. This is because the problemsthat were there earlier amid them and Alex have not been resolved.Because of not resolving the problems that were in existence before,the efficiency in the completion of the project may be affected.Another demerit is that the company may face problems in the deliveryof future projects. Since the company has not resolved the problemthat exists between Alex and the other employees, the delivery offuture projects may be affected because Alex may be required to workwith the same employees and they may still not like him. Also, as aresult of moving Alex to another position, there may be problems inthe completion of the new project because the position that he heldmay lack a talented individual.

Thesecond option in handling the situation may involve Sam taking theleadership of the situation and bringing his department closer. Inbringing his department closer, Sam will need to hold regularmeetings with his team for example, he may decide to hold meetingsevery week or after every two weeks. It is during the meetings withhis team that any issues within the team can be raised and resolved.It is in such meetings that Sam can inform the team that they have tochange in order for Alex to change. One merit of holding meetingswith the team and resolving problems instantly is that team bondingwill be highly encouraged (Daft, 2008). This is because no one willhave issues with another since the issues will be resolved on aregular basis. Another advantage of this option is that the otheremployees will be in a position to appreciate Alex as beinginstrumental to the project and his talent as well. Also, because ofthe bonding that will co-exist amid the team, it will be easy to worktogether and tolerate one another (Daft, 2008). This will aid inhandling the new project effectively. Furthermore, because of thebonding that will emerge as a result of frequent problem solving itwill be easy to handle any future projects that may emerge. Adisadvantage is that the meetings may consume time that can beutilized in handling the project however, this may not be a majorproblem since the time may be recovered through enhanced teamworkthat will result from the meetings.

Thethird option may include the hiring of a specialist. Sam can hire aleadership specialist for example, a team motivator that would makeAlex develop the qualities that the team desires him to possess. Oneof the advantages of hiring a team specialist is that the specialistwill help Alex develop the traits that the team desires, whichimplies that the training will help in making the team create a bondthat will work well in successfully completing the project. Anotheradvantage is that team members will be satisfied and be ready toappreciate the skills and talents of one another, which will becritical for the progress of the project. However, there will be adisadvantage in this option because the department will need toundergo some extra expenses for the hiring of the leadershipspecialist. This means that the department will be required to set ahigher budget. Moreover, paying for a specialist that will train Alexmay have a negative reaction with Alex this is because Alex may feelinadequate despite his competence. From the consistency matrix,option two holds.


Incase option one is chosen, there will still be problems in handlingthe project since nothing will have changed in the working of theemployees. Because of not resolving the problems that were inexistence before, the efficiency in the completion of the project maybe affected as well as the delivery of future projects. Therefore,option one is still not fit for the company. Also, option three hasproblems in that the company will need to put an extra budget in thedepartment for the hiring of a leadership specialist. However, byconsidering option two, the company will be capable of solving theproblem it is facing. Communication is considered very critical inleadership because it plays a major role in resolving conflicts thatmay be in existence within an organization (McShane &amp Von, 2003).In option two, communication is offered an opportunity whereemployees can meet with the leader and lay down the problems thatthey experience. Therefore, I would go for option two since it willhelp in resolving the problem that the company is experiencing.


Inimplementing the action plan that will help in solving the company’sproblems, it will be critical for Sam to know the team members betterso as to be capable of guiding them towards the achievement of acommon goal instead of a personal goal. Thus, Sam would need toenhance his communication with the team members he will need to comeup with an effective communication tool that will support closeinteractions with the team members. For instance, Sam may opt to opena social media page that his team can use in interacting with himanytime. This will enable Sam to have all the updates concerning acertain issue facing the team and ensure a prompt solution. Becausethere is a need to encourage the members to embrace teamwork and workas a team, it will be critical for Sam to involve the Human ResourceManager the HRM can be part of the team whenever they are meeting soas to offer motivational items to the team. Also, since there aredifferent issues that may emerge in the meetings that requiresolutions, the HR may take the position of an arbitrator. Inaddition, it is also important to involve the team members so thatthey can reach a decision concerning when the meetings will be held.

Consistency Matrix

How to Manage Alex’s Talents and Make him Become a Positive Leader


Different position

Scheduled Team Meetings

Leadership Specialist

Success in $25M project





Working Environment





Long-term performance of Alex’s career in the company






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