TheUnited Nations happens to be an organization that isintergovernmental whose main aim is to endorse internationalco-operation. The UN can further be said to be an organization thatis comprised and consist of states that are only independent. Theorganization has been seen to be of great benefit to the countriesthat are its members. Due to the end of colonialism, it was decidedthat there should be an organization which will be able to preventwars with it main agenda being to promote peace (Heitzmann, 2010).Generally it can be stated that the UN organization is anorganization that was formed with the sole purpose of findingsolutions to crises, issues and conflicts that come up in a statethat is a member. The strategies that are brought to the table tosolve the issues that are I place have to be taken in a peacefulmanner that will avoid harming innocent citizens (Heitzmann, 2010).

Governanceof such an organization has to be held by principles which apply toboth the organization itself and to the countries that are alreadyits members. These principles require that all its members to settletheir international disputes in a peaceful approach which will ensurethat international security, justice and peace are not in any wayinterfered with. The principles insist that even states which aren’tits members do follow and act according to the principles so as tomaintain international security and peace (Doyle, &amp Sambanis,2006). A principal on sovereign equality towards its members ensuresthat the organization never forgets its main purpose. Through theprinciples set out, it becomes evident on how this organization hasled to the development of several countries which under colonialismcould have not been in a position of moving forward.

Globalizationhas brought about a lot of change in the whole world, interconnectedthreats and same vulnerability between strong and weak nation, therich and the poor. It’s so difficult to deal with today’s threatsalone and effectively unless other threats are addressed at sametime. Global institutions which are effective are required to controland minimize this threat and that where United Nations gets involved.It helps brings peace among fighting nation, supply medicalfacilities and drugs to countries affected and with no ability tosustain the epidemic and also control terrorism (Altmann, 2011).

Whenone looks at the radical change which the United Nations organizationhas gone through, it is clear that it has really shaped manycountries into finally learning on how they should be independent andat the same time on how they can manage to maintain peace bothlocally and internationally (Doyle, &amp Sambanis, 2006). Since 1945which is the year in which the organization was formed right afterthe Second World War, the organization has been seen to work wellwith all the member countries. Most members of the organization haveswiftly developed under the guidance and protection of the UnitedNations which ensures that other more developed countries won’ttake advantage of the member states which were used to beingcolonized (Altmann, 2011). The United Nations organization has growninto a powerful organization which has been given much respect byboth member countries and the member countries.

Radicalchange can be seen in how since its creation, it has always managedto come to the aid of member countries going through war or whorequire food aid. Other explanations have been made evident on theradical change in how the organization has been of major assistanttowards countries that go through troubling issues like drought andcountries that lack enough medication for its citizens. They havealso been seen offering protection to the innocent people who getcaught up between wars of countries (Kennedy, 2013). Radical changehas openly been seen in how the organization has shown their strengthin trying to fight out terrorism. Through radical change, theorganization has shown its purpose in the roles it carries out whenits members face challenges. Radical change has made the organizationbe an active organization which has been able to earn respect allaround the globe. If not through radical change, the organizationwould probably been done away with due to lack of being principled toits own principles.

Mixed economy involves both the private sector and the government. Inthis particular case which involves the United Nations Organization,mixed economy does also apply. When it comes to mixed economycapitalism and socialism are the two major characteristics that buildit (Kennedy, 2013). The United Nations Organization does also gothrough the mixed economy just like any other organization, though itis more of a private sector which has its own funds, the governmentsof the member countries do have a right to dictate on how specificfunds should be used within their countries. The governments do letthe organization to do what they wish within a country but when itinvolves distribution of funds for specific duties, the government inwhich the organization has come to assist does take charge. UnitedNation is an international organization which carries out it aids allover the world that meaning it has a large number of employees. Itbrings peace to nations at war meaning it has to have soldier, weaponexperts, it provides medication to infected regions with wide spreadof HIV and AID and other epidemics so specialist are require. Thismeans the organization creates job for a large group of peoplegenerating income for them brings about it being a private sector inmixed economy. Being able to control its private sector by fightingcorruption, having peace among its members and being stable hasenabled it to run smoothly and also be in a position to accomplishmost of its goals and accelerate its progress. United Nation has beenof great help to countries which have been affected by certaindiseases and do not have the fund to buy its cure, but UN hassupported in the treatment of the casualties. It has used its ownfunds to carry out all these activities bring about its social sectorin the mixed economy.

The neo classical part of this organization shows how theorganization got formed and what led to it being established. The keyreason that led to the come up of the United Nations organization wasto find one common ground that would promote world peace. This has tobe in place so as to avoid another world war taking place. After theorganization was built and the principals implemented, it was laterdecided that only independent countries who had gone throughcolonization would be the first members to benefit from it (Kennedy,2013). This meant that they would be assisted in the challenges thatmay be difficult to be solved by their governments. The UnitedNations Organization has always managed to hold on to its true rootssince its making. The decision making that one organization should beformed so as to assist minor countries was a brilliant come up aspeace has always been on the fore front of the organization (Sachs,2013). Many innocent human lives have been saved as result of thecreation of the organization, it can therefore be said that theUnited Nations Organization came to be a refuge facility or centrewhere countries that are still struggling to develop and come up canfind comfort and proper management. Socially, the organization hasbenefited widely in all the member countries which it is involvedwith (Sachs, 2013). The organization has managed to createinternational relationships between countries that were at war witheach other of which they both are conducting trade together.Basically the U N organization did bring about the friendship ofcountries which never existed, through its motion of promoting worldpeace many countries have joined into being members of theorganization (Sachs, 2013). Members who had gone through colonizationhave found support from the organization which ensures that theydevelop into nations whose people will always encourage and upholdpeace.

Inconclusion it can be stated that the United Nations Organization hasmade several positive impressions that have not only promoted peaceand stability but also the development of member states has beenseen. Apart from being helpful to countries the organization hasgradually been of great assistant in the come up of new drugs whichhelp in the fight of incurable diseases.


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