Personal Action Plan

PersonalAction Plan

Iwill start by defining what a goal is because a goal is what willmake get to where I want to be. Therefore, a goal is an aim one mayhave to achieve something or personal ambition. Every human has goalsto achieve I as well have my personal goal. My goal is what willdetermine how good my career will be and will I have a successfulcareer. A career that I will say that it was worth my time an effortbecause I loved it and enjoyed it .my career goal will always to bethe best healthcare administrator in the country but to meet thatcareer goal, first I have to achieve my personal goals. My personalgoals are what will make me achieve my career goal. But again whatare my personal action plan to meet my personal goals.

Mygreatest strengths

Ihave a couple of strengths I personal know I have .one of them isdelegation, I can delegate people to work efficiently and effectivewithout putting too much stress on them. I am a candid self-evaluatormeaning that I can recognize my flaws and work hard to correct them.I am also a good team player because I like listening to everyone’sideas and work with them. Team work is what makes people achievethings faster than working individually. Lead by example is anotherstrength I have because I love to practice what I preach. Finally, Iam very good in decision making I am always confident in thedecisions that I make day whether they turn out good or bad

Areasthat I need to improve

Noone is perfect in this world. Therefore, everyone has their flaws,but luckily one has the opportunity to improve or correct themselves.Personally I have an area I feel I need to improve on. One of them isto be able to be handle and make good decisions when under pressure.I have realized that when I am under pressure I end up not to beingvery effective, and the decisions I make are not always the best.Another problem is that when working with workmates who don’t highmorale to do something like me tend to affect me. I believe that toachieve more unity is needed but unity can’t be achieved if I haveteammates who don’t have the psych or morale to do something. Wewill end up being in conflict every time that is not good because Iwill not be able to achieve my goals. Therefore, I need to improve onbeing able to work under pressure also find ways to psych myteammates so as to have the morale to do something.

Accomplishmentachieved in the ability to strategize and critically think

Throughthe course of my program, I feel that I have achieved and canstrategize and think critically. For example, at the beginning of thecourse I felt that to be a health administrator would be a verydifficult job to do, I felt that the job requires people who arementally strong and can handle anything thrown their way. For that, Ifelt that I couldn’t be able to do the job but through the courseof my program I have learned to think critically. I can think in awider perspective and handle matters with the manner it requires tobe handled. Being able to think in a wider perspective has helped meto be able to strategize for anything in the hospital be itfinancially, during risks or management issues. Efficiency andeffectiveness are the core things I have realized that are needed tomake good strategic decisions.

Evolvementof my ethical and personal perspectives

AsI began this course my aim for doing the course was to make money andhave a better living. It is a good course because I knew getting ajob would not be difficult and having a relative who used to bragevery day on how being a hospital administrator was an exciting jobbecause of the responsibilities it came with. As I started doing thecourse my perspectives changed, I started to see that the goal is notto make money and have a better living but is to help people andbeing able to save lives. I learned that I am responsible for thenurses, the doctors, and other subordinate staff. If I make them workefficiently and effectively then, the hospital will be able to treatpatients faster and save lives. Therefore, I believe that the programhas made me evolve and made me see the bigger perspective of what Ishould strive to achieve.

AreasI can improve by setting a personal goal.

Mypersonal goal is to be the best hospital administrator and a rolemodel to many. The areas that I will improve by setting a personalgoal will be making decisions when being under pressure, make correctdecisions every time, ensure that I urge the need for unity among myworkmates. Get to find ways to encourage and give morale to my fellowworkmates and finally be a good leader who listens to grievancesraised.


How will I accomplish this goal?

Who needs to be involved?

When will it be done?

What are the resources needed?

What obstacles may arise?

How will I overcome these obstacles?

Goal 1

I want to make the hospital be able to compete with other outstanding hospitals

Learn from experiences from other administrators , borrow a few tips ,come up with new mechanisms to make the hospital better

Everyone who works in the hospital even myself

It will take time but progress will be evident. A span of one to two years we can achieve that goal

Money is needed to make the hospital offer the best services e.g. getting the best equipment

Getting the finance to have good equipment so as to offer good services

Being patient when seeking the finance resources won’t come easily

Goal 2

Unity among the doctors ,nurses and subordinate staff

Organize team building camps

Every member of staff in the hospital will be involved

A period of 3 months it will be achieved

Time ,it is not easy to have an off day in a hospital

Indifferences among the staff ,not everyone will want to work together

Try as much as possible to sort out issues among the staff

Goal 3

Be a better leader to my staff

I will have to do short courses on leadership skills

Myself and one or two members of staff

A period of 6 months will be enough

I need to join a good school that I will learn on how to be a good leader

Time, finance and the personal desire to learn

Find time, get a loan so as to do the course and have the desire to learn and get something out of it

Goal 4

To be able to appreciate my staff

Give awards to my staff for their good job done

Myself and the board of members

3months will be enough

Only finance to buy the awards and support from the board

Negative rivalry among the staff

Make it possible for anyone to win the award


Ihave noted that to be a good hospital administrator it entails havinga lot of requirements but to have the required qualifications onemust have personal goals. Personal goals can only be achieved if onehas action plans .Action plans make it easy to achieve any goaltherefore it is necessary.