Personal Learning Plan

PersonalLearning Plan

Differentenvironments favor different learning plans and different people. Aproper assessment of the study environment and habits is essentialfor a good understanding of the contents that one is trying tomaster. As a Christian, a choice of an appropriate learning plan isindispensable. Choices mostly depended on areas that would favorconcentration and will encounter little destruction while maximizingon the level to gain from the studies. The learning plan will be ofhelp in offering motivation to my reading habits and in ways thatwill assist in strengthening my Christian faith. A proper plan alsohelps in creating a sturdier sagacity of ownership over one`seducation as it gives freedom to how one wants to learn, what theywant to learn, why they need to learn and what ways they are going touse in learning. Using the multiple learning inventory and the twolearning inventories, the best learning from the data received wasself-reading. This got the highest score of 4.43. These results weremuch expected since, during self-reading from previous studies, thelevel of concentration and understanding has always been high1.I get easily destructed when reading in a crowd, with loud music orat the place where the rate of movements by either people or objectsis high.

Thebest personal learning plans from the personality assessments.

Fromthe multiple intelligence inventories and the learning styleinventories, the self-learning had the highest score of 4.43 pointsagainst the maximum of 5 points. This score was much expected giventhat I found it easy to study alone rather than in groups. Studyingalone enables me to develop concepts that aid in my Christian growth,and it also help me to meditate a lot on what I gain from studyingthe Bible and other Christian information sources. Althoughfellowship or sharing is limited, self-reading has been helpful infaith development as I have been able to understand the doctrinesmuch better, read widely and taken the time to reflect what I havegained in my personal life and experience. Results from the twoinventories added up to the same conclusion with both favoringself-reading as the best personal learning plan method that would beof benefit to Christian studies 2

Thebest study environment for Christian studies.

Christianeducation requires a lot of meditation and concentration to ensurethat each line, each word and each piece of information is preciselyanalyzed and well understood. A Proper understanding of the Christiandoctrines impacts positively on the growth of faith. The bestenvironment for this, therefore, would be a quiet place, away fromdestructions such as noise and movements. Such an environment wouldinclude a garden, a study room with proper ventilation or even at aquiet balcony. Circulation of air would be necessary as this ishelpful for meditation. Any time allocated for the learning isfavorable, but the temperatures and weather should be favorable, theappropriate way to achieve this is to use a well-ventilated roomwhere the climate can be adjusted to suit the study mode.

Howmy style of reading can be used in facilitating for religiousstudies.

Withintrapersonal intelligence, I would encourage my students to readmore on their own, mull the contents over by themselves and latercome for discussion. This type of study plan will be of greatimportance to the students as they will have time to research, andfind ways of understanding the contents in the best ways possible.They will also be able to comprehend the contents better than wheneverything is offered in class as they will take their time toreflect on what they have read on their own, synthesize and try todevelop something for presentation. Later, discussion of the thingslearned is valuable. The discussion helps to cement the knowledgemore and makes remembering easy. This learning plan would be usefulfor my students if I were an educator as it encourages trial anderror that is one best way of learning3.

Areasof Strengths and Areas of Growth from learning style inventories.

Theintrapersonal learning style, as shown by the findings of theinventory, is a suitable form of Christian education study. Thisstyle allows one to read by themselves without distraction fromexternal parties, internalize whatever they have fetched from thewritings, meditate upon them and later, if necessary, discuss theirfindings with others. The discussion part comes after one has clearlyunderstood what they were reading. This is one strength of theintrapersonal style of study. It enhances one`s reading skills, givesthem freedom from external forces, allows them to understand in theirconducts and gives them a chance to share what they have gained.Independence is strength of this style. One becomes independent intheir ways of reading and also learns good reading skills and abilityto extract meaning from texts on their own.


Aself-study plan or intrapersonal study style is more suitable for methan any other method, given the results from both the multipleintelligence inventory and the learning style inventories. This isalso the best style that I would use for development of faith andChristian education study.



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