Personality Test and


PersonalityTest and Summary

Apersonality test is a set of questions or a standard instrumentintended to show the psychological makeup of an individual or thecharacter that befits him or her. The traits from the “Big Five”personality test are the mostly common accepted and best-used modelfor personality check in psychology. This paper provides a summary ofa Big Five test that was taken on the internet and the accuracy ofthe results.

Fromthe results of the test, I scored above average on extraversion,conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness, and openness. To someextent, the results have a reflection on my performance as well asinteractions with other people around me (Busatoa Et al., 1998). Theresults are not as accurate as I expected. For instance, I did notexpect to score above average on Neuroticism. I also expected ahigher mark on extraversion, agreeable, openness, andconscientiousness. The results are very important to me, and I willuse them to improve on my traits so that I can become a betterperson. For instance, I need to reduce the tendency to experiencenegative emotions. I also need to improve on the orientation towardsthings outside myself and interactions with other people so that Ibecome more sociable.


Apersonality test is an important tool for identifying an individual’straits. The results obtained are critical in helping shape thecharacter of an individual. It is, however, critical to note that theresults could be less accurate than our expectations. It is,therefore, important to also put into consideration what we believeabout our character before changing our lifestyle basing on theresults of the personality test.


Busatoa,V. Et al. (1998). The relation between learning styles, the Big Fivepersonality traits, and achievement in higher education. Personality and Individual Differences.26, 1, 129-140.