Persuasive Essay on Global Warming

PersuasiveEssay on Global Warming

PersuasiveEssay on Global Warming

Today,global warming has become a common term in every household. It isbecoming a major environmental crisis on the earth planet and athreat to the earth’s inhabitants, as well as world economies. Bydefinition, global warming is a gradual temperature rise of theearth’s atmosphere. According to Stein(2001),the earth’s average temperature has increased by one degree overthe last century, which, according to scientists, this is a bigissue. Global warming occurs when greenhouses gases are trappedinside the earth atmosphere. The accumulation of greenhouses gases,such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide in the ozone layercauses global warming. People became more concerned about globalwarming after an earth’s photo was taken on the Apollo EightMission. The photo showed how fragile the earth is and how easily itcan be destroyed, and ozone layer deflected. Therefore, globalwarming phenomenon is something that Americans, as well as the restof the world should be concerned.

Simply,global warming is warming the earth. This starts when highconcentrations of greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphereforming a “shell”. Then, the sun releases rays to the earth inthe form of radiation, but they bounce back because the “shell”of greenhouse gases blocks them. Consequently, the earth heats up andmelt the polar icecaps and change the weather patterns.

Firstly,global warming causes icecaps to melt. Icecaps help to maintainworld’s climate and provide a favorable home for animals and humanbeings. Once the icecaps melt, the sea level rises causing the “TheGulf Stream” to stop, and correspondingly, it affects temperaturelevels all over the world. Likewise, global warming causes glaciersto melt. For example, Mount Himalayas once had many glaciers, butthey have gradually melted. This has affected the local people whodepend on the water following from the mountain. According tostatistics, forty percent of the American population relies on riversand streams from the mountains to provide them with water.Unfortunately, in the future, there might be water shortage sinceglaciers are steadily melting.

Further,global warming causes season and climate change as temperature risesand falls. This is likely to endanger the lives of human and animals.Climate changes are accompanied by extreme weather conditions. Forinstance, global warming can cause extreme drought that may last fora long duration. On the other hand, global warming can cause extremerains that can cause flooding. As a result, there would be adestruction of property and loss of lives. Furthermore, as climatechanges, the risk of death, injuries, illness because of intensestorms, heat waves, wildfires, and floods also rises. Scientistpredicts that one degree Celsius rise in the global averagetemperature can negatively affect twenty-five of the earth’s plantsand animals. A slight increase in temperature rise means extremefloods, storms, droughts, fire, hot days, and higher sea levels.Correspondingly, a climate change threatens fresh water supplies,agricultural production, ecosystem, and the survival of the nativespecies.

Tominimize the global warming, United States should adopt anddiligently enforce policies to deal with the issue. Firstly, UnitedStates should implement the policy of energy conservation. However,this policy is broad, and it comprises of several aspects of energyuse. At this point, the automobile manufactures should be encouragedto produce vehicles with high MPG ratings. In addition, the newmodels should not use gasoline alone that greatly contributes toglobal warming. They should manufacture hybrids vehicles that run ona combination of gasoline and electricity. Luckily, with newtechnology, it is possible to manufacture vehicles with over fortympg ratings. However, the large trucks and SUVs commonly referred as“gas-guzzlers” are becoming more prevalent every day. Similar totheir smaller counterparts, these trucks and SUVs should be modeledin a way they are fuel-efficient and are less gasoline reliance.Accordingly, there will be fewer emissions of greenhouse gases fromthe vehicles hence, fewer effects of global warming.

Secondly,United States should implement technologies that make appliances runefficiently. Every device, ranging from stoves, refrigerators, lamps,to games equipment, should use less energy. Today, industrial andhome equipment use much energy causing air pollution. Therefore, thegovernment should impose strict guidelines to the manufactures toproduce products that are energy efficiency. This saves not onlymoney but also uses minimal energy as well hence, less pollution. Athomes, people should be encouraged to use energy saving appliancessuch as fluorescent light bulbs. In addition, the United Statesgovernment should ensure before any device come into the market, itis energy efficient according to the laid standards.

Thirdly,United States should implement recycle policy. This involves the useof recyclable materials in packaging materials. Recycling conservenatural resources, reduce water and air pollution, reduce landfillspace need, and saves energy. Although there are several recyclingprograms in the United States, they lack policies to enforce theirunequivocal use. Stein(2001) urges that reuse, recycle, and reduce methodology reduces theenergy that would otherwise be used in eliminating waste products.Recycling ensures less trash is in dumps hence, less trash isburned. Accordingly, few greenhouse gases are emitted in theatmosphere.

Furthermore,it is the responsibility of every individual to minimize globalwarming. For instance, an individual one can do carpooling. Thisinvolves traveling in someone else’s car or using public means oftransport. This minimizes emissions of greenhouse gases into theatmosphere. Other simple action that minimizes global warming includeswitching off devices such as computers, television, and lights whennot in use, planting trees, purchasing appliance that are energyefficient, using rechargeable batteries, keeping freezers and fridgesclosed as much as possible, hanging clothes on the lines to dryrather than using a dryer, unplugging electronics appliance when notin use.

Onthe other hand, some people urge Americans should not be concernedabout global warming. They reason that human being have nothing to dowith global warming because they are not the main cause. Furthermore,industrialization has to continue for the economy to progress. Theyurge that it is still impossible to calculate how much global warmingresult from natural occurrence and how many results from industrialpractices.

Reflectingon the above discussion, it is evident that American should beconcerned about global warming. It is an important issue due to itsnegative consequences it imposes al around the world. To save thefuture generations, the current generation should conserve theenvironment. The earth is “sick” and it is the responsibility ofthe human being to “heal” it. Global warming has negativelyaffected human and animal lives, as well as the economy all aroundthe world. Today, global warming is a severe issue should beaddressed as fast as possible. Government and stakeholders shouldcome up with fast measures, policies, and remedies to deal with it.


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