Persuasive Speech



Whydo we all put in too much effort to succeed in our education?Everyone will agree with me that our objective is to thrive in afuture career despite our personal differences and goals. However, tosucceed we need to begin acquainting ourselves with our jobs inadvance. Preparing a job before graduating is more than making asuitable career choice. Research has shown that early preparation isan opportunity to acquire new skills, to network, become morecompetitive, experience a real situation of working, and interactingwith other people in the field (Pattison, 2015).

Nowadays,the job market is very competitive because the society is highlyemphasizing the importance of education. Thus, the number of educatedpeople attaining higher education and working to succeed in variouscareers is very high. However, career preparation ensures that anindividual will have an opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge ofthe skills required for the profession (Hughey, K. &amp Hughey, J.,1999). Moreover, actual job experience is necessary as it presents aperson with the challenges and opportunities they will encounter intheir career before they even start. Therefore, the sooner you beginto make plans for your future career and being acquainted with allthe necessary requirements, the better you will be. For example, somejobs may use the theoretical ideas we learn in class, but use adifferent set of practical applications, which may be hard for anindividual to apply if he or she lacks the experience in a workenvironment. Therefore, with prior preparation, you can understandall the different applications and even form a basis for applying thetheoretical concepts to an actual work environment.

Furthermore,getting ready for a job makes you more competitive for job markets inthis era of technological advancements (Pattison, 2015). Nowadays,the world is undergoing rapid changes due to technologicaldevelopment that are facilitating a high rate of innovation, which isalso affecting the work environment. Consequently, practicing for afuture career ensures that an individual is well equipped with thenecessary expertise required in the field. Besides, it will keep usat pace with the changes showing us exactly how our skills fit into acareer and the necessary improvements needed to succeed (Solomon etal., 2011).

Additionally,early preparation gives someone the opportunity to determine if thejob is the right fit for him or her. For example, a person can talkto other people who are in that particular field as a way of gettingready for their profession in the future. Thus, when entering the jobsector, he or she is sure that it exactly what they want to do. Assuch, it exposes an individual to that career and avoids unnecessarywaste of time or even regret (ACT,2006).Furthermore, it is a chance for one to evaluate his or her strengths,weaknesses, as well as limits.

Thenagain, formal education sets us up for our future professions, but itis also important to acknowledge the important role of preparationoutside the school system. Such preparation is also the only way wecan start working as young as possible to help us build work ethicsand learn different practices early enough as we prepare for ourfuture jobs (Solomon et al., 2011). Additionally, it will be anopportunity to build your network before graduating. Very fewstudents graduate with the necessary connections that can help themcreate opportunities for a successful career after they graduate.Therefore, early preparation presents a job applicant as a motivated,inquisitive, and determined potential employee who has a higherpossibility of success because he or she took their time to preparefor the future (ACT,2006).

Finally,sometimes we may think that we are too young to start thinking aboutour future career. However, it is important to start preparing earlyso that we can take the necessary steps to ensure success. Besides,bracing ourselves for a job is the only way we can be sure of ournext steps after graduation. At this stage in life, we all know whatwe want to do after graduation, but we need to have a head start tohelp us achieve our dreams and goals (Carey, 2015). We can onlyachieve this by organizing ourselves in line with the jobrequirements at an early stage before graduating. Hence, establishinga foundation for an occupation does not have any downside, but ratherit offers more benefit that one carries into their future (Carey,2015).


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