Phenomenology of Illness and Disease

Phenomenologyof Illness and Disease

Phenomenologyof Illness and Disease

Inthe seen environment, controlling the surrounding of ill patients isby putting them in the best possible conditions for nature to assumeits healing course. Environmental health is the freedom from illnessassociated with being exposed to toxic substances and conditions thatare obviously harmful to humans’ wellbeing. It is vital forpatients’ health. These problems must be addressed when curbingillnesses and diseases (Tolstoy, 1886).

Inthe unseen environment, nurses have observed a number of illnessesand they have concluded that it is something not explainable byPhysics. In this environment, recovery can only be seen by faith.This is the moral place where we can find God`s law, the basis ofmorality. This environment has a number of implications including hownurses can seek biblical wisdom they also learn that they are in aspiritual battle with the evil and that they learn through God`srevelation of himself through Jesus Christ (Shelly&amp Miller,2006).

Inthe storied environment, theorists have affected nursing. MarthaRogers has opened new perspectives of understanding nursing. Sheexplains that increasing the complexity and diversity of life in thecontemporary settings, cannot be avoided and is good in doing awaywith illnesses and diseases (Shelly&amp Miller, 2006).

Mypersonal experience with illness and disease is that several factorsaffected my recovery period like the constant encouragements Ireceived from my religious leader and family. In the end, I decidedto worry less and face each day as it came. I relate this to thedeath of Ivan Ilyich, while he was living, despite all that he wastold, he did not understand the meaning of life so he did not thinkabout it but he watched day and night and waited for his death(Tolstoy, 1886).


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