Photograph Analysis and Discussion

PhotographAnalysis and Discussion

Thepicture in analysis is that of a house and part of an outsidecompound. I consider this picture important because it reflects acommon and basic residential home and compound. This photograph wastaken on September 1st, 2015, at a house near Miami University,Oxford, USA. The picture is also important because it reflects thenineteenth century style of building and basic architectural designs,especially for homes. I consider the photograph important because itexposes the values that people placed in their housing, and alsocontinues to inform the decisions of the home builders to date. Thediscussion about the photograph will explore the aspects of time andspace and how it relates to representation and identity.

Thephotograph illustrates a balanced use of space on both the object inthe picture and the picture itself. In regard to the photograph, thespace between the image and the surrounding is well balanced andcreates a proportion. The proportion between the compound and thehouse is created by the division of the space by the photograph. Thehouse in the photograph is the main object in the photo, and thecompound compliments its position. However, the balance between thehouse and the compound reflects the effectiveness of the photo indescribing a typical residential housing.

Thephotograph captures the basic lighting aspects that can beinterpreted to understand the time of the picture. The existence ofnatural light shows that the picture was taken during day time.However, the lighting of the picture does not illustrate shadows,which would open more view the exact time of the day that thephotograph was taken. While the lighting is not clear, it iseffective in showing the main aspects of the house and the compound.

Thephotograph relates to representation as it shows the residentialhouses and sets the object in the picture as unique to thesurrounding. The surrounding shows the flowers planted around thehouse, an indication of identity. The uniqueness of the photograph inthe surrounding creates the identity of a home. This way, a personcan interpret the house as a home in a residential neighborhood,without the support of other images.

Photographyhad a significant impact in the 19thcentury and in the modern day. One of the impacts of photography ispreserving history by capturing moments (Mirzoeff28).Most of the events of the nineteenth century can only be rememberedthrough the photographs that were taken at the time, and even inrecent times. In addition, photography impacts the modern life bycreating a sense of inspiration about an issue, a topic of a cause.Through the use of photography, pictures that inspire people areapplied to communicate information that words cannot do. This is thesource of the phrase that “a picture speaks a thousand words.”

Inthe modern day, the impact of photography has further been enhancedby the use of technology. Technology has enhanced the quality ofpictures taken, which enhances the capturing of the memorablemoments. Through high definition cameras, quality photographs capturemore details than before (Wells304).Moreover, technology has improved the storage of photographs throughthe use state of the art storage drives. At the same time, technologyhas promoted the sharing of photographs by introducing better ways ofpresenting photos to the world. Through the use of online platforms,photography has grown as an industry in the modern day.



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