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5November 2015

Q1-Definelayers in Photoshop. Why are layers used? How do you use ‘masks’with layers?

Oneof the most essential to issue in learning Photoshop is understandingthe aspect of layers in Photoshop. Layers in Photoshop are used toexplain different levels that an object or rather an image can beplaced. As such, in Photoshop a layer is defined as the component inan image that entails multiple coatings.

Additionally,designers use layers in Photoshop application because layers allowone to move and manipulate several parts of an image. On the otherhand, layers make the designer change the whole effect of the imagein Photoshop. To a better understanding, layers in Photoshop are usedbecause they do not rescind the original image, layers make the imagedesigner have complete control of the image he/she is working on, andthe layers allow the designer to add the layer mask to a photoregardless of any adjustment that is made.

ALayer mask is a type of masks that is used in Photoshop. In Photoshopimage, masks are used to make the photo look transparency. The masksin Photoshop is used to enhance the level of transparency that isdepicted by layers in a Photoshop. On a personal perspective, one canuse masks to control the transparency of an image that make the photolayers appear 100% visible in any case.

Q2-Name two similarities and two differences between the concept ofmaking a photograph and taking a photograph. Who uses what type?


  • First, one can clear identify the similarity between a taken photo and a made photo regarding the color and the shape of a photo. As such, a made photo depict the similar layers of a photo that is taken with a camera.

  • Similarly, a photo taken with a camera represent a similar style of a photo made by a network.


Althoughserious photographers make images, most people refer to the processof taking the photograph. The differences between taking and makingphotos includes

  • Making photograph means that creativity of the photographer whereas taking a photograph involves the aspect of negative connotations. As such, taking a photograph is more as appropriation.

  • Another difference between making and taking a photograph is that taking a photograph is a simple task and it requires less time, whereas making a photograph may be a hard task because the whole process is time constraints and expensive.


Apeeling wallpaper

Fora good exposure and comparison of the peeling wallpaper in the room,one can photograph the photo by increasing the shutter speed in thecontext whereby the photo is too bright. Moreover, photographing acracking wallpaper one can carry out the task perfectly by upping thecamera’s aperture and reducing the ISO. If the exposure level istoo dark, one is supposed to use the exposure bias in the right way.


ingthe fish in the room will require one to switch the camera toautomatic mode as the photos will have a delightful exposure. As theobject may be changing so quickly, using manual mode will becumbersome and at a time the photos will be of low quality with poorexposure. Also, shooting in manual requires a lot of lights.


ingoneself in a room with limited light will require an individual touse a frame digital camera. This will give someone the opportunity toselect the right photo as one can delete the one that are notdepicting quality exposure and comparison. Also, photographingmyself, I can achieve a good exposure by first taking a fewphotographing test before I take the right photo. The test willdirect me because I will take them at different shutter speeds.