Planning and Goal Setting


Planningand Goal Setting

Planning and goalsetting are additional components of successful doctoral study. Whatare your goals for the next three weeks?

Goal setting,according to American Psychological Association (2014), is anessential component of student’s self-regulation, motivation, andachievement in their academic setting. Seen as a behavior or anoutcome, a goal is one that a person consciously tries to attain orperform. Planning and goal setting can exert a sense of positivity inan achievement setting, while shifting the learners’ attentiontowards important activities (Information Resources ManagementAssociation, 2013). As part of the course structure, I am required tocome up with a systematic literature review that is related to myresearch topic, with emphasis placed on coming up with a structurefor easy reading, analysis, synthesis, and organizing prior researchstudy before drafting my first dissertation.

Having worked on myprevious course work that had no proper direction, planning and goalsetting for my next dissertation will focus more on the need forthorough study of the background information. The information canonly be found on related readings with extensive knowledge on thesame. First, I plan to come up with a topic, plan and executeinvestigation on the topic through reading extensively, and writingup my findings. American Educational Research Association (2014)noted that important stages for a successful doctoral study includechoosing a topic, establishing a research topic, effective researchplanning, conducting methodology, and research reporting.

In the next threeweeks, I will be involved more on gathering research and establishingmethodology, which will be backed up by relevant theories. Being adoctoral student, some of these relevant theories that would featurein my research work are epistemological theories. Thorough researchinto my work will provide me with an upper hand into the rightdirection as far as planning and setting goals are concerned.


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