Policy Critique



FundingAllocation for Trauma-Informed Services in Franklin County

Themission of ADAMH board is to improve the well-being of the Franklincommunity by reducing the incidences mental problems and drug abusein the County. The board task is to plan, fund and assess theservices offered by a community-based no profit organization. Theimplementation of Child and Family Services Improvement andInnovation Act in Franklin County can be severely derailed if theADAMH continues to pursue a policy that denies mental health agencyfunding (H.P.I.O. &amp C.R.P.. 2014)..The Act seeks to facilitate programs that support the welfare ofchildren, promote family preservation and reunification. Through thefederal grants accorded to welfare service programs, screeningprocesses for traumatized and mentally disturbed in actualized.Screening is essential in helping the children heal, but if there areno funds for the treatment, then all the good results that the Actwas meant to bring will never be realized in Franklin County. If nofollow- up is conducted after the screening process due to lack offunds, and then no meaningful process will be made now and in thefuture.

Itis important that ADAMH rethinks its funding policy and spare aproportion of funds received from the Ohio Department of MentalHealth and Addiction Services for Trauma-Informed Care in mentalhealth agency. It is also imperative that less emphasis is given toassessment processes and more on addressing the needs of thecommunity. Lack of fund will not only reduce the capacity of FranklinCounty Children Services but will also halt providers from buildingcapital that is requisite to cater for all children and families whorequire their services (H.P.I.O. &amp C.R.P.. 2014).ADAMH is the main source of funding for these programs and if fundingfor the actual treatment is not provided, then. It is evident thatthe Act results in a substantial additional burden for the ADAMH, butit is also important to remember that without the funds, welfare carefor children and families is not possible. The boards needs toallocate funds to the welfare service providers to ensure safety andprosperity of children in their home environments.


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