Project Management Case Analysis The Wedding


ProjectManagement Case Analysis: The Wedding

Project Management CaseAnalysis: The Wedding

Inthe modern world, one of the aspects that have become equallyimportant as the project themselves is the management project.Project management is a discipline that entails the application ofknowledge, tolls, techniques as well as skills in the projectactivities with the main aim being to achieve the projectrequirements. The success of every project has become a key aspectfor every planning team, and in turn becoming an essential process ofplanning/management of the project.

Overtime, the aspects of project management have practiced informally,however, at the turn of the 20thcentury, it becomes recognized as a distinct profession. Projectmanagement is made up of stages or actions such as initiating,planning, execution, control and monitoring, and finallysummarizing/closing (McKenzie&amp Davies, 2010).The process of project management draws from a wide area ofknowledge, which would as well be drawn to the case study given inthis paper. The knowledge areas include communication, integration,risk management, procurement, time, cost and human resource amongothers. This paper entails the application of project managementskills in a given case study, ‘TheWedding’(TheWedding Management Case Analysis).This is a plan for developing the best strategic plan for asuccessful execution of Tony and Peggy Sue wedding.

CaseSummary:Backgroundof the Case Study

Tonyand Peggy Sue are planning to get married. They have family memberswho want to plan the wedding for them without considering Tony orPeggy Sue’s wishes. Having graduated from the same university, theyboth had different careers, tony is a chef in a hotel, while Peggy isa teacher. The two remained friends and Tony asked Peggy to marry himone of the Decembers. Peggy accepts Tony’s request and both setsJune 30 the following year as their wedding day (Gido&amp Clements, 2014).They communicate the good to their families. Each of them had theirfamilies set of plans how they would like their son’s anddaughter’s wedding to proceed. This was somewhat against the wishesof Tony and Peggy. With the planning needed, the Two needed tobalance the different aspects that were essential for their wedding.They have to factor in their wishes, their family wishes, as well asother factors such as cost. Peggy Sue and Tony were college lovers,and were engaged to be married on June 30th.Tony hails from New York, and has a big extended family (Gido&amp Clements, 2014).More so, his parents own a restaurant. On the other hand, hisSweetheart Peggy comes from Nebraska, her three other sisters aremarried, her father is deceased and mom lives alone in their farm,where she was brought up.

Oneof the key points to note is the role of both sets of families, andespecially their mothers. Tony’s mother wants their extended familyto be part of the wedding plans, while at the same time Peggy’s mumwants her sisters to be part of the bridal party. On the other hand,the couple hopes to get financial boost from the expected gifts, aswell as enough to pay for the expenses and also get some extra fortheir honeymoon. Tony’s mother has offered them tickets forhoneymoon in Italy (Gido&amp Clements, 2014).

Assumptionsto Be Used For Planning of the Wedding

Theplanning of Tony and Peggy’s wedding will take a number ofconsiderations, which ought to be incorporated before designing thelast plan for the wedding ceremony. Different assumptions emerge withreference to the planning of the wedding.

  • One key assumption to make is that, Tony and Peggy are somewhat in conflict adverse

  • The number of guests expected at the party

  • The wedding ceremony + the reception

  • Ways to communicate to the guests (invitation letters, emails, use of social media)

  • Cost of wedding, available budget (money) and the sources of finances ()

  • Parking accessibility

  • Unforeseen issues and probability of success

  • The rehearsal dinner to be conducted on the eve of the material day, evening

Withreference to the management of the wedding event between Tony andPeggy, each of the family considerations are key towards evicting thefinal plan that is to be implemented towards the material day. Inother words, the families have to come into consensus as to whichoptions best suited the young couple and the event. For example,whether to perform the ceremony was to be conducted by a Father or aReverend.

Listof Specific Activities between Now and Wedding Day

  • Setting of the date

  • Choosing of the reception date + verification of the date/time

  • Securing the venue (arranging with the outdoor venue for date verification)

  • Selection of guests to be invited, and sending the mails/cards/ invitations

  • Looking for a wedding gown, shoes and other needed dressings for both the bride and the groom’s tuxedo + the bridal party dressings

  • Identifying and contacting the caterer + identification of taste dates

  • Contact the photographer, and the entertainment

  • Arrange/book for the transport needed

  • Picking of flower colors, and decoration of the reception and all venues to be used

  • Bridal party salon date, final fitting of the dressing,

  • The rehearsal day

  • The Wedding day

Someof the key roles and the participants includes Peggy sue and Tony,who are the Bride and Groom respectively. There is also Carmella, whois Tony’s mum, who is somewhat acting like the wedding planner.Mildred, Peggy’s mum, looking forward to the wedding as itsaccordance with her family. There is also Vinnie, the best man andTony’s cousin. Teresa and Maria, the flower girls, little Nicky,the ring bearer. Holley, the Matron of honor. Other people includereverend Johnson, Father Frank, who is all, proposes from eitherfamily (Gido&amp Clements, 2014).

DevelopingWork Breakdown Structure

Workbreakdown structure is an essential tool in project management as itis designed to capture the key project tasks in a visual and anorganized manner (Normanet al, 2008).However, it is not a list of what is to be done, but rather it can beused as a coordinating tool that is used by the stakeholders,managers, team members or any person playing part in the project. Itis in turn a more than ‘to do list’ (Haugan,2002).With reference to the wedding planning for tony and Peggy, a WBSwould be an ideal tool, in helping the planning committee to achieveall the targeted goals for a successful wedding day.


Inconclusion, the effective wedding planning for tony and Peggy wouldentail all the stages of a project management. the plan contains theinitiationstage, planning, execution, control and monitoring. despite thedemands raised from both families, every aspect has been put intoconsideration, and final decision arrived at, which would the bestfor the ceremony. however, it was a challenge accommodating andcoming into consensus with each of the families’ demands, as wellas budgeting within the set budget. with the sketching of WBS, theoutline was well defined with all key aspects and roles well defined.this in turn facilitated the effective achievement of the projectobjective/goal.


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