Psychological Disorders Due date






AccordingtoBarlow(2011), psychiatric nosology is a vital aspect in mental healthprofessions. Psychological disorders are classified based on thesymptoms, the treatment options as well as mental complexities ofthese disorders. The DSM IV manual highlights mental disorders assignificant psychological syndromes in a patient which are associatedwith distress, disability and increased vulnerability to sufferingdue to the disorders. Published in 1994, DSM IV lists more than 250psychological disorders. Some of the major categories of mentaldisorders include:


Asa category of mental disorders, Anxiety disorders entail feelings offear and worries about current and future events. It entails socialanxiety disorder, phobia, and panic disorders among other disorders.This category is characterized by shakiness and a racing heart.


Thiscategory encompasses disorders such as dissociative amnesia,specified dissociative disorder as well as unspecified dissociativedisorder. Dissociative disorder is characterized by trauma, memoryloss and inability to integrate thoughts.


AccordingtoMann(2010), somatoform disorders are mental problems that elicit bodypains, neurologic impairments and gastrointestinal problems. Types ofsomatoform disorders include hypochondriasis, dysmorphic disorder andconversion disorder.


Someof the disorders in this category include bipolar disorder, mania andunipolar depression. This condition is characterized by depression,emotional instability and poor social skills.


Asa common category of mental disorders, schizophrenia is characterizedby hallucinations, confused thinking and false beliefs. This categoryentails anxiety disorders, substance use and panic disorders.


Thiscategory is characterized by distress and maladaptive behaviors. Someof the disorders here include paranoid, schizoid and borderlinepersonality disorders.

Substanceabuse disorder

TheMajor characteristics of this disorder include addiction, stress aswell as poor social skills. Some of the disorders in this categoryinclude opioid use disorder, cocaine use disorder and alcohol usedisorder (Shaw,2012).


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