Psychotherapyis the interpersonal relationship between an individual and atherapist but in a more complex point, it is descriptive of somethingthat addresses issues regarding mental health through conversing witha psychologist in order to learn the behavior of a person, feelings,overall mental conditions and thoughts. It is beneficial to somepeople in responding to complex situation and have autonomous controlover their lives and applicable to all people including those withclinically diagnosed conditions. Psychotherapy is referred to as talktherapy, therapy or counseling. In many instances, psychotherapy usesverbal conservation in diagnosing and solving issues such asbehavior, communication and relationship change.


Thisform of therapy assists a person in solving problems throughidentifying dysfunction mindset and emotions. It concentrates on thethoughts of a person and how the thoughts affect emotions (Wells,2013). This form ofpsychotherapy is effective in altering the negative thoughts that tolead to the person acting unproductively or feeling bad. The basicideology is that if you think differently, you will act positivelyand feel better. The maladaptive cognition is inclusive of schemasand beliefs. The benefit of this method is that therapeuticstrategies posit to change the maladaptive cognitionwhich leads to change in problematic behavior and emotional distress(Wells, 2013).


Behavioraltherapy is used in curing mental concerns such as paranoia, anxietyor depression. The approach is largely dependent on the philosophicaltheory of behaviorism. Behaviorism is the belief that human beingsare dependent directly on the psychological issues. The behavioraltherapy is effective since it is applicable in altering the responseof a person and the overall behavior for better. It aims to identifywhatever we do that might cause behavior termed inappropriate and howthis affect people. This therapy is used by psychiatrist,psychotherapist and medical professional to treat mood disorders andtreat anxiety. It is also used in patients having chronicdiseases to manage pain. For instance, it can be used for cancerpatients to cope with radiation therapy. Its effectiveness is that itincreases the quality of life, reduce incidents of self harm, lessoutbursts, and improve social skills, better pain management andreorganization of medical help (Smith, Perlis, Park, Smith,Pennington, Giles &amp Buysse, 2014).


Itis a type of psychoanalysis where the therapists work with theindividual in probing his mind to comprehend its psychologicalfunction and also address any internal conflict there under.Psychoanalysis aims to check on the subconscious mind in order togain more insight into the needs and behavior of the person thusenabling him/her to have control over how to cope and handle theconflicts. It assists a person to improve through learning whathappens inside him/her and the interaction with therapists himself(Summers &amp Barber, 2012).

Psychodynamictherapy assists the therapists on reviewing thoughts, emotions,beliefs and early life experiences to gain insight into their day today complexities and evaluate the patterns developed over time. Whenthe recurring patterns are recognized, it assists people to havebetter ways of avoiding distress. Therapeuticrelationship is integral to psychodynamic therapy since itdemonstrates the manner the clients interact with others. Thistherapy is beneficial since transfer of one feeling to another canassist in illuminating early life relationship that affects a persontoday (Summers &ampBarber, 2012).


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