Quality Initiatives at SONY

QualityInitiatives at SONY


QualityInitiative at SONY

OnAugust 21, 2015, SONY’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) organreported that the company had undertaken various quality initiativesto improve product status and customer satisfaction. The company’spledge of quality declares a commitment to high-quality products thatexceed the expectations of customers (CSR, 2015). The companypromotes efforts aimed at enhancing the quality of products byreinforcing its quality management system. The company undertookvarious steps to implement its quality initiatives.

Theappointment of a corporate executive to ensure timely responses toconsumer concerns is a way of promoting customer satisfactionregarding the product. The new executive takes charge of productquality and safety. The company also appointed quality officers inevery business unit to uphold quality standards. The quality officerswork in collaboration with the corporate executive to ensure thatstandards are retained. The company appointed software qualityofficer in every business unit. The purpose of the software officeris to ensure that software infrastructure is maintained to minimizequality problems arising from the failure to monitor softwareprograms. Software quality officers work under the supervision of thequality officer. Sony has obtained ISO 9001 certification for everysite that manufactures electronics (CSR, 2015). In this regard, thecompany has met all quality standards according to the InternationalStandards Organization. The company has yearly targets for qualityand customer service delivery. This target enables every businessunit to meet quality standards and ensure effective customer servicedelivery.

Thesequality initiatives have increased the company’s global standing incustomer service. Many consumers favor Sony’s products due to theirdurability and high quality. The company has an organized customerservice system that endears its customers to its products. The newquality initiative has positively impacted on the organization andincreased consumer confidence.


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