Race Bias Study Findings Findings

RaceBias Study Findings


Accordingto the study subconsciously there are white physicians that prefer tosee White patients rather than the African-American patients. Thestudy is quite interesting as the case is also seen by theAfrican-American physicians. There is racial bias when giving care tominority patients. Thus the physicians are no difference. In fact thethoughts of the same are in people’s lives today.

Thereare some studies that mention that there is no correlationwhatsoever. However, they seem to just lack the right tools. Thestudy expounded is just one of the many that points towards the same.A study done on patients suffering from diabetes found out that Whitepatients get much better care compared to the African Americanpatients. The study is quite helpful as it will address the concernof biasness in the field of Medicine and greater is the fact thatphysicians are willing to find out this effect.

WhatCan Be Done

Inorder to eliminate bias, there is need to appreciate one another.Further, physicians need to be aware of themselves and appreciatethat they are bias. Being aware can help root out the issue.Individuals can also be encouraged to appreciate others and that amedical condition that one has might not be because of color ororigin.


Oneof the best strategies to be put in place is to have diversity intraining of physicians (Williams, 2007). Through the training, thedoctors are able to sit down, open up and share a number of issues.While sharing the issues, they appreciate each other, learn from oneanother and get well-acquainted with what they might have not known.


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