Ranking Global Brands

RankingGlobal Brands

RankingGlobal Brands

Japanhas been striving to improve its economy over the years. It has agood reputation that is building up over the globe. In the history ofranking it is the first time Japan is ranked the top in the globalbrand consultancy by the FutureBrandwhich carries out the yearly country brand index, they measureperception of different countries on the globe under the policysimilar to the ones used in evaluating the strength of the brandsfrom the consumer’s perspective (Dill, 2014).


The2014 results were slightly different compared to those of the past,and this is because Future Brand made a decision for selection out of75 countries not all of them were selected only 22 countries met theset criteria. The metrics involved insight that a country shouldproduce a desirable high quality product that a customer will want tobe associated with, people should admire to live and study there, itshould also have the high quality infrastructure (Dill, 2014). Thereports state that for a country brand to qualify people shouldadmire a product and services and should want to learn and livethere. So, people should have stronger perception more than averageacross the six dimensions that relate to experiences such as culture,tourism and the history of a country and also the status thatincludes values, business, and the standard of living.

Japantook a position one after overtaking Switzerland this is due to itsuniqueness cited by respondents associating the country with its hightechnological levels, good education system, health, culture and art.Most respondents say that Japan is an expert in technology,Automotives and electronics. Most of the momentum lies in innovationand technology (Dill, 2014).

Switzerlandwas ranked second with most respondents associating it with highliving standards, health, and education, and efficient transportsystem, a legacy in international neutrality, security and safety.Just like Japan, it also has high momentum in technology andinnovation (Dill, 2014).

Germanwas ranked the third position as it plays a huge role in the Europeaneconomic zone with the reinvention after the Second World War tobecome the worldwide leader. It is associated with goodinfrastructures, high living standards and advanced technology, itproduces quality automotive products. The US ranked position seventhis is because ranking was based more on technology and innovationrather than political or economic momentum (Dill, 2014).


Fora country to succeed and be ranked top in the global brand it shouldinvest more in technology and innovation the infrastructure shouldbe good, high standards of living, good education system, betterhealth standards, enhanced security and safety. These factors willmake people be associated with countries’ products, study systemand life standards.


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