Recommendation letter for (name)

Dear:Professor Ms. White

Iam writing to request a recommendation letter from you. I know youwon’t recognize who I am, but I have been your student during mytwo semesters when I was undertaking business statistics. I did findyour classes fascinating and easy to understand all your lectures. Inadditional, your teaching strategy made me feel comfortable with thecourse that I chose. Through the teaching approach that you used inyour class, I came to have a passion for business statistics. I oncehad thought of having second thoughts on this course but due to yourguidance and constant motivation in class I did manage to have apositive attitude that did assist me greatly.

Iwas at first not sure if to continue with business statistics, butfrom your great explanations on some of the complicated topics inclass I did come to appreciate the course even more than I thought Iwould. I do remember several times that you have gladly welcomed meto your office with the intentions to assist me in understanding wellon some portions of business statistics that were a bit unclear tome. Through these visits to your office, in did gradually improve.

Asa result of the concentration that you were able to present to me inyour class, am sure you will be happy to know that I did manage toscore A+. I am glad to have been your student and would appreciate alot if you would assist me in attaining my life goal through yourrecommendation.



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