Reflecting on Conservation Philosophy


Reflectingon Conservation Philosophy

Reflectingon Conservation Philosophy

Amongthe two main philosophies of conservationism and preservation, myfeelings are on conservation of the environment. Therefore,conservationism is the philosophy that highly reflects my mostpersonal feelings. This is because of my passion for the environmentand nature, and conserving it as it is. I that conserving nature andnatural resources is the main basis for preserving what we have. Wecannot preserve what is not present. For instance, we cannot preservethe human nature of enjoying the natural set up, if we do notconserve the environment to stay the way it is.

Ifurther believe in conserving because it the surest way of preservingthe natural set up for the future generations to come. Without theconservation efforts of the past centuries, we would not be enjoyingthe current nature and environmental benefits. This is a point tonote because the world has seen many people since time immemorial,and all these have been using nature to survive. According to Nash(2014), man has been depending on the natural resources since hecolonized this planet. If we do not conserve the planet now, then thefuture generations will not have any nature to depend on.

Moreover,I feel for the conservation philosophy because the world is workingtowards conservation through conservation initiatives and projects.To develop my feelings for conservation and identify with thephilosophy, I support the modern projects to tame climate change andsupport efforts to conserve the environment. According to Nash(2014), conserving the environment is the best for keeping thewilderness for the future generations. Therefore, I seek to engage ineducation that is based on the conservation philosophies. I feel thatthis is the only way to guarantee the next generations the benefitsof a better environment.


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