Reflection into the Health Care Program


Health care programs integrated under medicine aim at extendingmedical assistance to patients both in hospitals and under home basedcare. Being the largest industry, there are massive sectors that fallunder this scope. Noting the frenzied conditions under which healthcare workers operate in their lines of duty, the profession is moreof a calling as there are massive challenges surrounding health carework. This makes it evident that only the strong can withstand andovercome working in the profession and proving that it is not for thefaint hearted.

I personally believe I am trending on the right lane as I have aheart for reaching out to those in need. I am not only strong inheart but also brave. Prior to joining the profession, I would lendout first aid to my fellow students in lower classes and peers backat home. I recall nursing my ailing sibling at only six after adiagnosis from food poisoning, which I did just perfectly. It is thenthat I realized my dream of wanting to follow a career path in theindustry. Throughout my schooling life, biology has remained myall-time favorite subject the discipline that serves as a gateway tothe industry and just like my love for it, I have made extemporaryperformances all through my course work.

I wish to follow a career path in pediatric care ignited by myimmense love for children. Looking back at my first exposure whilenursing my young brother back then when I was also very young, I ammore convinced that I have a calling for the job and that I best fitin health care. I love working and being around children and it wouldso gratifying attaining the title of pediatrician. My dreams arevalid and wish towards making them a reality.