Reflection on Bachelors in Healthcare Administration


Reflectionon Bachelors in Healthcare Administration

  1. My overall impressions about the BSHA program is that it first opened the Human Resource world from the Human Resource perspective with a lot of insights on all the business aspects of the industry. I first felt the program is mandated to open up different doors of what could be expected in stretching forth the parameters for students to think. Even when the health care industry is patient-based, Buchbinder &amp Thompson (2010) noted that there are a lot to be done behind the scenes, which will indirectly impact on the patient. Some of the positions that the BSHA administration occupy are those that are required and offer necessary services for any other facility, and, therefore, would allow the caretakers to perform their jobs, which include taking care of the patients` needs.

  2. What I liked most about the program was that although the program was only done over the internet, the interaction between the instructor and the entire class was interesting and insightful. I was able to grab each assignment about the BSHA program, and I was able to handle them at my pace. I also like the interactivity that was evident with the groups setting we formed, while having several perception points in every assignment. In support of this, Buchbinder &amp Thompson (2010) noted that it is sometimes better to work in a group that to work alone, especially when the program elicits responses from more than one person.

  3. After going through the entire program, what I would like to see added is to concentrate more on Health Management. Apart from adding Health Management, there is enough communication between the students and the staff, and the classroom environment is more interactive and welcoming. The program has all the assignments mapped out within the syllabus, which its complexities explained well as to whet should be done. However, I would like the library be turned into a more user-friendly environment. The Health Management, if added would help focus more on the factors that matter as far a hospital administration, facility planning, and leadership theory, are concerned.

  4. After going through all of the above reviews, I felt that the BSHA program prepared me well in every aspect that was talked about. If I am to be employed or work in the health care industry, I feel like I would effectively ensure the patients get all the information in collaboration with the HIPAA by following all the criteria put in place. I also feel like I would assume any position within the facility I work in. With making decisions, I can now make decisions that affect he patients, and at the same time, what is beneficial to the industry and the business without having to compromise quality and safety. I know some things are learned through experience however, I feel like I already have an idea of everything that happens in a health care facility.

  5. Through the BSHA program, I feel well prepared to commence my career in the health industry. It is coupled with the education and some of the positions I have held in the past, which when added to the BSHA program, gives me an advantage in the competitive industry. With little training in any health care facility, I will be able to work and meet expectations and demands of the industry. Also, Buchbinder &amp Thompson (2010) noted that BSHA program is designed to incorporate general education acquired all through the program with the rich expertise, which will prepare the student for the management positions in the health industry. Having learned understanding, skills, and the basics, I fell that I am relevant in the health care service.


Buchbinder, S. B., &amp Thompson, J. M. (2010). Careeropportunities in health care management: Perspectives from the field.Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.