Reflection on Death and Dying


Reflectionon Death and Dying

Reflectionon Death and Dying

Deathitself is a mystery that is never understood well. Many have wishedit to come, but it happens. Upon death, friends and relatives arestricken with agony, confusion, distress, and despair. Such issometimes brought about by the feeling of affection and lack of willto bequeath property by the departed member. In sad situations, itmay lead to the death of more family members as they fight for theproperty. In an event of the death of a breadwinner, it may lead topoverty, lack of basic needs and eventually social evils such astheft, prostitution, and enmity among others (Bloom &amp Hobby2009).

Inrare instances, death may also lead to solutions of some issues andeventually relieve (Bloom &amp Hobby 2009). Such happens in an eventof the death of a dictator, trouble maker and the death of asophisticated criminal among others. Relieve comes in upon a death ofpeople with chronic diseases that have consumed much into theirfamilies` wealth through hospital bills. It is in such situationsthat euthanasia is administered (Bloom &amp Hobby 2009). It islegally and medically recommended to ease a suffering of the patientas well as the family members for humanitarian reasons. An example isin the case of an African icon Nelson Mandela.

Asan individual, it would be my wish that upon my death, I would haveaccomplished several missions. These include social, economic andacademic dreams. Socially, I would love to have established a basicsocial unit, which is a family. The intended family should bevibrant, happy, respectful, morally upright, religious and peaceful,and that which appreciates with hard work and honesty. Coherence insuch a family is vital. The children should have a vision and purposethat they should be motivated to work towards achieving. I aspire toensure that my kids are self-driven in all their endeavors ascommonly put ‘having the abilities to fight their battles.` Itwould indeed be the greatest sense of responsibility.

Onthe economic basis, I should manage to have set family wheels of theeconomy through firms. Basic knowledge of saving is paramount to allmy family members including the youngest. I intend to borrow a lotfrom the Indian common believe that ‘whatever I have today is alineage family property a hundred years from today.` Stealing fromthe firms would, therefore, attract poverty for generations. As aresult, my family should manage to accomplish my economic dreams inthe case of an early death. Academically, I desire to scale to notonly in heights of knowledge but also character. By the words ofDavid Livingstone, ‘I endeavor to go anywhere as long as it isforward` in academics. Acquiring quality credentials and characterare essential to validate my dream.

Bythe time my death comes, I would like to touch many hearts through amorally right inspiration and service to humanity, which is thegreatest thing a human being can do. I should have been such aninspiration that would produce the best wisdom to humankind thatwould then provide for human needs and human words. I desire to quotethe words of the Biblical text by Paul that ‘I have fought a goodfight I have completed the race and kept the faith.` However, as anindividual I believe in the continuation of life after death as aspirit and that what we do today is a foundation for our generation


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