Variousquestions that could be asked to promote the reflective statement.They include the general feeling that the group member had whiledeveloping the report, the kind of personal skill that the memberapplied while engaging with others in creating the group report aswell as the kind of input that the course moderator could provide tomake the compilation of the report quite effective. The questionabout the relevance of the report in developing my understanding ofthe topic is also imperative as it will enable me explain thebenefits obtained as a result of engaging in the venture.

Wedid undertake several tasks during the project in which we were ableto develop a report showing a Project-initiation plan for sellinggoods and products given out to the general public to raise funds tobe channeled to the Rainbows Children’s Hospice. We managed tocreate the background and lay down the scope and the objectives ofthe project. We also prepared a milestone checklist of all elementsthat we had to deal with. These included the approvals to be sourcedfrom the local authority and the Rainbow Hospice. We had to collectorders, put posters on shops, carry out advertisements, organizestaff and make last minute preparations within a stipulated period toachieve the project’s aims. We also developed the constraints thatwe were likely to face while carrying out the project and made theassumptions that would guide us while going on with the project. Wealso prepared a meetings sheet where we would tick each time a memberattended the meetings, a work plan and a working budget for theproject

Wecreated the complete plan for the project to ensure that we wouldwork within the confines of the available time and resources. We alsohighlighted the constraints and the assumptions to be aware of whatwe were likely to face and either prepare to deal with theshortcomings or accommodate them effectively.

Severalthings went well as we were able to make a complete work plan thatwould be effective in guiding our activities while carrying out theproject.This fact is because we included all the activities that would helpin realizing the objectives of the project.

However,we run into some problems during the project. Time constraint was themain problem we had different time schedules that made not easy todecide on the common meeting time. Also, we encountered problemswhere we had conflicting ideas. However, we worked diligently andcame up to common decisions.

Thetime constraints and conflicting ideas had negative consequences thatinclude undermining the likelihood of realizing the projectobjectives for the group in time. It also has a likelihood of mespending alt of time making up for meeting time that will accommodatethe other group members. We learned that proper scheduling of meetingtime was important so as to cater for every member. We also found outthat each member’s efforts and ideas are equally important inrealizing the projects goals

Asa recommendation, next time, we could have proper time management bypreparing a meeting schedule that will accommodate every membereasily. As well as working closely to remove mental roadblocks thatwe may have towards achieving the goal of the project.


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