Research Methodology



Qualitativeresearch will be used in this study. Qualitative research aims togather a deep understanding of the human conduct and behavior and thereasons that govern such behavior (Bleich &ampPekkanen, 2012). Aninterview was conducted with an expert and professional in thisfield.

Asemi-structured interview was used to gather information relating toethical concerns facing the healthcare system. The interview entailedthe asking and getting answers from the nurse manager in Labor anddelivery (L&ampD) at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC),Shirley Johnson. A semi-structured interview was identified as theapt methods to gather information on the subject because severalquestions that assist to define the core areas to be explored can beused and the interviewer has an opportunity to diverge in order topursue an important aspect or response (Berry, 2009). Interview as amethod of gathering information on the ethical issues in thehealthcare setting is appropriate because it provides theparticipants with some guidance on what to talk about, which is veryhelpful (Seidman, 2013)The flexibility provided by this method allows for the elaboration ofinformation that is very crucial to this study.

Anurse manager is chosen to participate in the interview because amanager is at the right administrative position to observe aspectsrelating to ethics and shortage of labor in the healthcare system. Inaddition, a manager may be in a nurse manager is in a position wherethey can speak about sensitive issues such as one relating to ethicsissues at the institution. A nurse manager is also expected to bewell informed about the prevailing situation in the healthcaresystem. Most of the interviewers responses were recorded inform ofwritten notes in the course of the interview.


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