research proposal


Educationis the most basic and important sector of nation`s success. Thus,education forms an indivisible part of nation`s prosperity.Therefore, it`s imperative we educate the people`s nation to thriveas a country. The research problem would be: what is a nation bewithout education? Hence, without education the nation would faceproblems such as poverty, illiteracy and most of all poor economies.The outcome of these problems has a conflicting nation. To resolvethis issue, the administration needs to welcome ideas from thenation`s prospective neighbors and to encourage relations with otherdeveloping and developed countries.


Inthe today`s culture, there is a belief that the more educated youare, the better off you are. This is concerning employmentopportunities. As every nation has a special position to be fulfilledby having knowledge in such professions. In fact to qualify for thesepositions, people have gone through some form of higher education.Whatever the form, people are in it to gain knowledge. Thisstatement can be evidenced by the fact that, today the olderuneducated generation is going back to schools. Thus, creating ahuge emphasis on education as a tool for success.

Purposeof the study

Theresearch hopes to dispense the importance of education (knowledge) ineveryday life. Moreover to illustrate that education is what youlearn along the way and not what your major is. It`s correspondinglyabout the things you learn about life and who you are. Education is ajourney the society needs to embark on.


Assessmentof the will be through questionnaires. Thequestions will be framed in a way that they will assess the impactsof illiteracy and means of resolving the same. Observation will beused to evaluate areas of uneducated society. As it will givefirst-hand information as compared to a questionnaire as some people,tend to be biased while giving answers.


Todetermine the effectiveness of education, two methods in which datawas collected. From my findings, there is a difference betweenliteracy and education. Most of the society is literate and noteducated.


Thecountry needs to increase the rate of educated citizens. As thesociety needs people who can reason and use their capabilities totheir benefit. Rather than a group of literate citizens who can readand write but make nothing from it.