Researching Telefund and Current Trends


Researching Telefund and CurrentTrends

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Researching Telefund and CurrentTrends

Telefund is an American firm that was foundedin 1988 to raise funds and develop support for progressive causes andcandidates. Individuals who had many years of experience with some ofthe highest ranking progressive causes in the nation were thefounders who also led the program. Telefund have managed to remainsuccessful over the years, keeping their focus on their mission thatelevates public interest. Their mission is to focus on the worthywork of worthy clients.

The company has worked with numerousorganizations and campaigns that aim to deal with some of the mosturgent problems of the time. Through telephone calling, the companyresponds to issues like combating hunger and poverty in thedeveloping countries, protecting indigenous forests in the UnitedStates and promoting candidates representing important issues.

According to Ann Crowley, the Director of Annual Giving Human RightsCampaign, Telefund is a firm that can be efficient in turning phonecalls into prospects for the membership for the HRC. As of 2014, theyalready had 10,000 new entrants from the previous year’s callingonly.

In 2013, the company was able to talk to morethan 2.5 million Americans. It was their aim to make the most of allthe conversations. They train their calling staff so that they canrepresent problems and raise funds in ways beyond what their clientsexpect for professionalism, accuracy and results. The firm also hasaccount staff who has been given training for managing campaigndetails with responsive and a positive attitude. Through theirapproach to training their callers and managing campaigns, they thefirm has earned a reputation as a firm capable of delivering qualityresults.

However, many individuals who have worked with the firm in its manyclient organizations have given critical reviews of the system. Mostof these ex-employees complain of poor working conditions and lack ofcooperative management. Some even complain of being overworked.

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