Role of education in nation’s development


Roleof education in nation’s development

Roleof education in nation’s development

Educationcan be defined as a process whereby people gain skills, knowledge,values, habits or attitudes. Education has been in existence for avery long period since people have been learning informally from theworld around them with the aim of finding ways of changing theirsociety as well as improve quality of their life. The society’sevolution would not have taken place if education was absent (Kingdom&amp Job,2013). Education helps the society in measure such aspoverty eradication. These factors among others facilitatedevelopment of that society. Every nation’s prosperity anddevelopment is dependent on the extent its citizens are cultured andeducated as the document analyzes.


Povertyis usually facilitated by factors like poor health and unemploymentamong others which are rooted deeply on lack or low level ofeducation. “Every individual has something good and he/she hassomething to offer to the society”. The discovery of the thing oneis good at is solely dependent on education. One could be aninventor, or innovator but one might fail to discover his/her purposeif he lacks education. Every career needs education. A developed andsuccessful nation is based on skillful, wise people and bright mindedpeople. It is not possible for a person to drop out of school anddrop directly into a good job.

Thomasindicates “whatwe make of our education will decide nothing less than the future ofthe country we live.”The prosperity and future of the nation is dependent the currentgeneration. What people are learning currently will greatly determinewhether the nation will in future will meet great challenges. Thisimplies that the more cultured and educated people are in a nationthe thriftier and more flourishing the country is likely to become(Thomas,1992).Japan, for instance, decided to reform its educational system afterSecond World War. Up to date, japan has the best education system.This has facilitated control of homelessness and fight poverty,discrimination and crime. This has made japan to record the massivedevelopment it has achieved by now.

Whenpeople are well educated, health is improved since the parents canlive healthy and raise their children healthily. They realize theimportance of vaccines and medicines for their lives. This eventuallydecreases the mortality rate. Similarly, a healthy nation is awealthy nation since they can be able to do productive works andmoney which could be used in development.“Education, paves way tofacilitate new technologies which can ease the people’s lives andimprove productivity” kingdom and job notes (Kingdom&amp Job, 2013).Similarly, the society achieves people who solve some problems forthe entire society. These include people like doctors, engineers, whogreatly help the society to stand by itself to make sure that thesociety is progressive. Professionals are the great movers of thesociety and it is worth noting they are the products of education.


Inconclusion, the education has played a significant role in keepingthe human society progressive. It promotes understanding of the lifeaspects, multi-culture and social norms which help people inadjusting to society’s rapid change. Education plays a significantrole one being reducing poverty among others like achieving a healthysociety. It also facilitates achieving professionals like businesspeople, engineers and doctors among others in that society. Theseprofessionals play a significant role in ensuring that the nation isprogressive. They help bringing significant changes which lead todevelopment. A successful and developed nation is that with wellcultured and educated citizens.


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