School Life Deliberations Q1

SchoolLife Deliberations


Thefirst preoccupation relates to the financial status of my parents. Asa student, I am sensitive to the possibility of my parents losingtheir jobs. It would imply the lack of school fees for my collegetuition and my younger siblings. My parents work in highly demandingjobs, they are well remunerated but have no job security.Specifically, I fear for my dad’s financial status who comes homedrunk due to work related stress. I am stressed for I am a brightstudent and would love to finish my college and get a well payingjob. I am eager to support my family in meeting the tuition fees formy younger siblings and assist them to afford the mortgage on ourhouse.

Thesecond preoccupation relates to my overall Grade Point Average. Whenever I am studying, I frequently contemplate about the finalgrade in my studies, as it is a determinant of getting a good job.The work environment has become very competitive, and employers aresensitive to grades. However, I work very hard to ensure I amconsistently achieving better grades.


Ibelieve that the preoccupations on possible job loss by one of myparents are real. The worries outweigh my ability to let go of themthey affect my body both physically and energetically. I feelpressure in my head and experience tension in the forehead and abuzzing as if my head was filled with thousands of bumblebees.

Ibelieve that the worry of my final Grade Point Average is not right.Although my shoulders become weak, I can control the stress and studyhard. Specifically, I believe that the grade I get is within mycontrol, and I only need to work hard on my studies. Besides many aretimes I worry about failure, but it fails to materialize.