Short Essay


Idid not submit Essay 1, but I understand my roles as a student and abusiness analyst. Being a business analyst, I am expected to playsome roles and at the same time ensure that these roles areperfected. As a student, I am expected to complete my assignments ontime and also ensure that I do them to perfection and score a goodgrade. I also have the role of ensuring that I attend all my classesand never miss out some lessons. I scored a zero in the assignmentsince I did not complete the assignment. During the time when theassignment was being done, I was recovering from a surgery. I hadundergone an eye surgery and I was going through a lot of pain due tothe effects of the surgical process. Consequently, I never got thechance to complete the assignment, thus resulting to the grade Ireceived. Being sick, the completing the assignment provedchallenging.

Inthe future, I will make sure that I do the essays assigned to methrough having a make-up assignment. With a make-up essay, I will dothe assignments and also receive credits. In addition, I will alsowork on the assignments despite the fact that their deadlines willhave expired. I consider assignments very important in my course andI will always strive to finish them if I happen to miss doing it. Assomeone who aspires to become a business analyst in the future, I amvery keen about deadlines and management of time. Therefore, toensure that I never miss any of the assignments given in class, Iwill manage my time properly to avoid missing another assignment as Idid.