Sigma Theta Tau – Omicron Delta

SigmaTheta Tau – Omicron Delta

SigmaTheta Tau International entails the second biggest nursingorganization in the entire globe having around 135,000 members thatare active. The founders of the organization played an instrumentalrole since they helped in making nursing become recognized as ascience, and this organization was the first one to fund nursingresearch in the United States. The organization has around 431chapters. This paper will focus on the Omicron Delta chapter.

SigmaTheta Tau – Omicron Delta chapter is positioned at a virtualuniversity and serves more than 5,000 members over the globe. Inorder to become a member of Omicron Delta, eligibility is usuallydetermined on a quarterly basis. For consideration as a member, theperson having an interest has to become a member is required to fillan interest form. Members have benefits for example, a member hasthe opportunity of applying for research scholarships as well asprofessional development funding. As a virtual program, the goal ofOmicron Delta is connecting with its members regardless of where theylive. Omicron Delta is committed to assisting others through serviceactivities. This chapter has in the past worked with differentagencies that promoted local service organizations like Wright toRead, Canine Companions for Independence, and Rainbow Days amongothers. Through the strategic plan of Omicron Delta, service effortsare categorized so as to address varied populations. For example,globally, Omicron Delta participates in activities that benefitH2Omicron Delta and On the other hand, at the communitylevel, the chapter will continue supporting activities that benefitProject Linus.

OmicronDelta is usually involved in offering services to all the populationregardless of the region where the population comes from itcategorizes the population as either global or local. Therefore, thechapter has the global population as well as the local population asits main population. For instance, through the H2Omicron Delta, thechapter has been in a position to promote access to clean waterglobally.

OmicronDelta chapter maintains the mission of the parent organization, SigmaTheta Tau International, which is to advance world health andcelebrate nursing excellence in leadership, scholarship and service.Omicron Delta achieves its mission through its members engaging inservices that go along with the mission of the organization. Forinstance, through supporting Millennium Development Goal 7c ofensuring environmental sustainability through its members, theorganization achieves its mission. Also, the leadership of OmicronDelta is important in ensuring that the mission of the organizationis achieved. The president of Omicron Delta and the board ensuresthat they are committed towards achieving the mission of theorganization.

OmicronDelta chapter is successful in its services and co-operation. It hasbecome a model for collaboration through partnering with SouthernCalifornia chapters for the Odyssey conference held annually forabout 15 years. Recently, Omicron Delta has partnered with individualchapters and consortium of chapters coming from Region 1. The chapteris now exploring opportunities for collaboration with chapters thatare outside U.S. on project or conference. Since 2013, Omicron Deltahas been in a position to raise approximately $5,000 to aid in endingwater crisis. The chapter has hosted “Walk for Water” events,which go hand in hand with education conferences. These have helpedin ensuring clean water is accessible to different people in variedareas.


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