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Socialmedia and family



Iam a high school student and over the years, I have developed andembraced social media platforms as a reliable source of information.I have used blog sites such as, green and natural parenting, 2 Wired2 Tired, parentdish, daddy types, radical parenting ,THE FATHER LIFE,the imperfect parent, diabetesmine among others. My family memberstoo are frequent users social media sites for garnering and accessingimportant information about varied subjects in life. My mother is aprolific user of mommy blogs which I presume that they have beenawfully helpful in her parental roles.


Thispaper will elucidate separation and divorce, childcare and the highcost of living as the three pertinent issues facing today’s kids,parents as well as other family members. A close scrutiny ofparenting blog sites such as green and natural parenting, parentdishand diabetes mine ascertained that these blogs are frequented by bothkids and adults. The posts in these blogs reveal that parents enquireand share different issues while children are imparted with knowledgeon how to embrace good virtues and discard illicit and bad vices.


Theimperfect parent

Thisblog site encompasses the discussion of children disorders such asautism. I also learnt that the site offers an insight to issues suchas breastfeeding, family size, family travel and child safety. Theblog highlights some of the mistakes that parents commit and attemptsto advice and offer solutions to the parenting predicaments.


Daddytypesis a site specifically for new fathers. The weblog provides ideas onhow new dads should treat their wives as well as children. Some ofthe topics that dominated the site are prenatal and post natal care.


Thissite embraces the fact that children behavior may be at timesdisturbing and inconveniencing. This site therefore offers an insightto curb and control children’s radical behavior.


Parentdish is ranked number seven globally under the parenting blogscategory. The site offers explicit information healthy childcare andfamily relationship.

Greenand Natural parenting

Greenand natural parenting is ranked as the best parenting site in theworld. The site explores a wide range of parenting informationcapturing and examining each issue in detail. The site addresses highcost of living as well as divorce.


Thisis a site for fathers. It is ranked number five globally in terms ofprovision of quality parenting skills. The site equips fathers withinformation how to effectively handle their wives and children.

Separationand divorce

AccordingtoHulick(2011), most couples in the contemporary society no longer tolerateeach other especially on issues of infidelity. Hulick further assertsthat people in today’s society no longer hold the virtues andrespect that is vital to a lasting relationship. This has greatlycontributed to increased separation and divorce. Divorce has become anorm and the children have always been the major victims of divorce.Abandoned by one parent, children feel isolated and dejected attimes.McCathrin(2010), notes that divorce is a major cause of psychologicaldisorders in children.


Inhis article“Avoid social media anxiety and maximize online presence”,McNamara(2012), postulates that childcare encompasses all the viable methodsof raising children that promote healthy living standards to thechild. Childcare is therefore a crucial aspect in one’s bringingup. Ostensibly, the health of an individual relies a lot on one’supbringing as a child. Pediatricians contend that childcare is themost vital stage in the development of human beings since itinfluences even the

Highcost of living

Economistsassert that the cost of living in most countries whether developed ordeveloping, has tripled since 1980’s .This depicts that the cost ofmaintain a family needs is increasingly becoming high with eachpassing day.Hulick(2011), posits that the apparent high cost of living contributes toalmost 60% of the number of divorce cases across the world. Moreover,t in the developing countries, the level of income is a majorconsideration by many couples before settling down for marriage. Atthe same time, the high cost of living is affecting children informof quality of education, health facilities and nutrition.

Accordingto Fletcher&amp Blair(2014), separation and divorce, childcare and the high cost of livingare major factors that parents need to consider. there is need tonurture family planning a s a method of ensuring that children livehealthy lives and access quality education. There is also need forcouples to give respect to the marriage institution by beingrespectful and faithful in order to reduce divorce cases.


a)I feel better informed and knowledgeable on the benefits of socialmedia platforms in offering advice and also the reasons why parentsand kids seek information from blog sites.

b)To accomplish the objectives of this assignment, I searched forinformation from my school library, online libraries and also theblogs sites.

c)If I will take the same assignment in future, I would focius onquestioinares and interviews as the core research methods.

d)After completion I shared the research with only a few a of myclassmates and they concurred with much of the data that I hadgarnered.


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