Song of Myself


Songof Myself

Thefirst understanding of the poem “Song of myself” done by WaltWhitman is that the poet himself does find himself in a positionwhere he does not understand the concept of life, he wishes to knowhow everything revolves around life. The poet in this section gets toknow what life is and the mysteries that surround it. Most people dohave different versions of life that include death, but in thissection it is made evident that immortality does exist. The question“what is the grass” was an innocent question from a child who wasjust from fetching it on the fields, but the poet did not have adirect answer to the child. “I do not know what it is any more thanhe” was the poet`s answer to his thoughts but wasn’t sure what torespond to the child (Whitman 2014). This simple question got thepoet thinking of a significant meaning of grass just beyond theoutward appears of it.

Grassact as a metaphor in the poem that does have its primary meaning thatthe poet tries to understand. After going through the question, thepoet does try to think hard about what the actual meaning of lifewhich he comes to know. The aim of the poet to use grass as ametaphor was to ensure that it acts as the central symbol that onehas to find its real meaning. As he came to understood the sense of,life that is grass does revolve around other things that men havetried to understand fully. Grass further gets pointed out as thegateway to the understanding of death and immortality it also doesget used as a symbol of showing the divinity of ordinary things.

Additionally,the grass is seen as the symbol that surrounds the cycle of thecurrent life which involves nature. As one gets to go all the waythrough this section, it gets made clear on how grass gets anothermeaning of it being taken as nature. Nature, on the other hand, doesget another description as God this does bring about the discussionof eternal life and immortality. In this section the poet finds outthat he does not know what role he plays in life, he finds himself ina puzzle as he tries to figure out where he can place himself inlife. Through the numerous questions that the author asks himself,show that he does have several random perspective of what grass is.

Themood that is used in this poem can be said to be spiritual, and thishas been portrayed in how the poet puts more focus on nature,eternity and immortality. He being the poet, does question himself ofwhere he fall in when it comes to his holy ground, he does wonderwhat to think of divinity. This type of mood that has been put acrossin this poem can also be known as a curious one, and the poet getscurious about what nature is composed of and what makes up life. Thiscuriosity leads him to the understanding of the themes that do comeup in the poem that include God, life, death and nature. The poemacts as an eye opener of how one can understand about life and hownature, eternity and immortality influence it.


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