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a)Andrew hurricane formed from the tropical wave that came from thewest coast of Africa.

b)It stopped being tracked when it reached Tennessee and North Carolinastates

c)Taking (a) to be South Florida and (b) to be the west Gulf coast ittook two days

d)Andrew hurricane made landfall in the Northern Eleuthera Island,Bahamas, southern Berry Island Bahamas, Elliot key florid, HomesteadFlorida and Louisiana

e)The maximum speed it made was 150kts that is category 5 SimpsonHurricane Scale.

2)From the preliminary table 1 best track, the hurricane weakened whenit made contact with the land, Florida and increased its speed as itmoved offshore again before it weaken after making landfall in theLouisiana. The reason was that as it made contact with the land itlost some of its energy.

3)Most damages occurred in the Florida state as the hurricane was at alow-pressure zone of 922mb a hurricane is a powerful low-pressuresystem. The hurricane had high winds and intense rain forming stormsurges. The movement of the wind in circles and the presence of alow-pressure eye and outer high pressure of the eye of the Andrewhurricane created a large mould of water in the storm. The stormsurge created, caused a lot of floods and thus is the reason for themost destruction. Thus, Florida being a low-pressure system increasedthe intensity of the Hurricane in addition to high winds leading tomassive destruction in that area.

4)Hurricanes are composed with a lot of energy. The power is derivedfrom the warm tropical ocean waters. As the humid air rises, it’scooled and condensed emitting energy. The warmer temperatures make itlight, and it rises. The vacuum created by rising hot air is occupiedby cold air that is warmed creating a continuous cycle. The heatderived from the warm oceanic body mass is the energy that driveshurricanes. When a hurricane comes in contact with land, the cycle ofair is reduced. Also, it comes into contact with cooler land masses .Thus its energy is reduced.

1)The mid-latitude cyclone is occurring in Texas state where itscentral pressure level is. The area has complete cloud cover withmoderate rainfall its temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It`sdue point is 48, show relatively high humidity. Wind speeds are lowwith the speed of 10knots.

2)Yes,there would be flight delays as the weather of New Orleans shows ahigh dew point. Thus, there is high moisture in the air, highhumidity in addition to 75% cloud cover. Hence the high possibilityof precipitation with wind speed of 20 knots.

Thegreen arrows show the movement of warm air mass while the red arrowsshow the movement of cold air.

3)The black arrows show the meridional movement of winds

4)The mid-latitude will head towards the east. Illinois is in thetrough it’s likely to have cold temperatures. The black arrowsindicate areas with high meridional winds.

5)Thedark blue circle shows the states that will be experiencing highpositive and negative vorticity. There will be turbulence andincrease in wind speed as warm air rises it will be replaced by coldair. This will give the mid-latitude cyclone energy to be severeresulting to increased wind speed as a result of the warm-cold aircycle.

AndrewHurricane Summary

Andrewis a tropical storm that emanated from Cape Verde. The hurricanebrought unimaginable economic damage to the US, in a totalapproximate 25 billion dollars was incurred as a loss. The hurricanehit the USA from Florida to the West Coast Gulf in a proximately twodays. The hurricane travel at its peak speed of 150kts Simpsoncategory five according to upgraded records (Addendum February 2005Ed Rapport National Hurricane Center). Total death attributed fromthe direct and indirect effect of the Andrew hurricane totaled 65.Though it’s considered to be less compared to the intensity of thehurricane and the damage caused, thanks to evacuation protocol byrelevant bodies.

Approximately25524 houses were demolished and 101124 damaged, the report statedthat mobiles home in Dade County had been destroyed to a close 90%.In Homestead, only 1% of the mobile houses were left. SoutheastFlorida suffered a major blow when it artificial reef (Belzona Barge)was completed destroyed and brought onshore. 0.25 Billion loss wasreported in the Bahamas, in Gulf Mexico 0.5 billion losses werereported from the destruction of oil field and structures, pollution,fires and satellites facilities damages. In Louisiana, there has beenan estimate of 1 billion in losses. In total 15 billion losses areattributed due to the destruction of property according to Americaninsurance group service. Uninsured homes attributed to 0.35billion ina loss. Federal government Homestead AFB suffered a loss of0.5billion loss. Agricultural sector excluding fresh crops suffered aloss of 1billion, Schools repairs from audit department costed 0.358billion. Clean services costed 2 billion, Marinas, beaches suffered aloss of 0.124 aircraft losses amounted 0.02 according to aircraftunderwriters.

Andrewhurricane leads to the development of several tornadoes reported inLouisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia. The tornadoes were as aresult of the inland effect of the Hurricane. Considerable rainfallwas witnessed with the average of 5inches in most areas and regionsaround the hurricane, and 11.25 inches was recorded in Louisianabeing the highest precipitation level. High wind speeds werewitnessed together with storm surges that created most damage wherethe hurricane made landfall and especially Florida, Dade County.


Andrewhurricane resulted in a historic national disaster that lead to massevacuation and destruction of property. The 25 billion loss is only arough estimate, the actual cost of the loss might be high. Andrewhurricane has made the national authorities always to be alert toavert such destruction caused by Andrew.


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