Substantive Report


There is a lot I can do now, which I could not at the start of thecourse following a better comprehension of literature review.Baumeister (2012) notes that literature reviews are significant asthey provide a basis for new knowledge. The review makes it possiblefor a researcher to tackle broad questions by reading on what hasalready been written on a specific topic. He further notes thatliterature reviews are a combination of diverse studies, which givesthe information presented in the reviews credential. Hence, theimportance of citing references. This understanding has made merealize the importance of citing references from where I getdifferent themes. This is further supported by Gill (2010) whoacknowledges that the literature review should reflect an evaluativereport of research present in literature connected to a specifictheme or topic. Marco (2013) defines literature review as a summaryof research, meaning that different sources have been used to informon a topic. This understanding has also made it possible to includesubheadings in my research, which will assist in more research.

Based on literature review understanding, it is possible to teach anew doctoral learner. Literature reviews ought to be a succinctcombination of a wide array of literature for a specific topic. It isimportant to note that there ought to be a particular guiding ideafor the review. The idea refers to the literature gap, whichnecessitates review from what has already been researched on thetopic (Jamie, 2014). Hence, I can use the knowledge to teach a newdoctoral student on the need to review the literature of diversearticles that are connected to their topic, in order to find as muchinformation as possible to write on their idea. In addition, I willteach them on the significance of exploring different dissertations,which act as an example of how their dissertation should appear.Literature reviews from different researchers provide the bestdissertation examples (Pitman, 2013). A sample of literature reviewsacts as a perfect manner of preparing a new learner on what to expectduring their dissertation writing (Jaffe&amp Cowell, 2014).


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