ComparingGreene and Niebuhr

Thereare a lot of literary writers in the world over. They write ondifferent subjects ranging from education, politics, and economicsamong others. However, the writers do share common arguments anddiffer in some instances. A good example of such a combination ofwriters is the Graham Greene and Reinhold Niebuhr one. These peopleare among the much-acclaimed writers in the world today. Basing ontheir works TheQuiet Americanby Graham Greene and TheIrony of American History byReinhold Niebuhr, one can draw a lot of similarities and differences.

Thereare various similarities that define the authors. First, their worksbase their content much on America. Graham Greene in TheQuiet Americantalks of an American, who goes to a foreign land that has plenty ofdemocratic ideas. The American also strives to how he will teach theculture there the American way of doing things (Greene 31).Additionally, there is an Englishman who waits for the American andbetween them there is a lady. Similarly, Reinhold Niebuhr in TheIrony of American Historycriticizes the communist view of history by condoning their doctrineof evil. “…a strong America is less completely master of itsdestiny than was a comparatively weak America.” (Niebuhr 74).Additionally, he talks about how education can assist in eradicatingevil in the society among other issues. The communists he is talkingabout are based in America,

Second,Greene talks about adherence and ideology in his work. &quot…longprivate thought of somebody who has to alter a whole course of life…&quot(18). Here, he argues against the kind of the intervention, which isAmerican based, that Pyle is involved in. He argues that regardlessof what should be done, it needs to be always accompanied theknowledge of the Vietnamese (Greene 91). Reinhold Niebuhr also talksabout the same in his work. Here, he criticizes the ideology andadherence that some quarters within the country possess. Within hiswork, he works against what people in his backyard society right(Niebuhr 117). These prove the similarity between the two authors.

Onthe other hand, there are differences that occur between the twoauthors. To start, the setting of the two literary works isdifferent. Graham Greene’s work TheQuiet Americanis set in Vietnam. Within the story, the dominating characters arePyle the Englishman and the quiet American (Greene 136). However, thework differs with Reinhold Niebuhr’s TheIrony of American History.Niebuhr’s work is set in America thus posing a huge differencebetween the book and The Quiet American (Niebuhr 121). A keenanalyzer can easily realize this after having a through the readingof the books.

Additionally,another difference occurs between the books. Graham Greene talksabout a story of various people. It explains how the life ofstrangers unfolds in a foreign country (Greene 55). When compared toReinhold Niebuhr, a great difference occurs. In his work, he majorson ideologies, values and others. It is majorly philosophical andbasing on religions and other related issues (Niebuhr 63). When onecomes across both books, they will realize that the authors tend todiffer when it comes to the content within. It thus explains clearlythat both the works of Niebuhr and Greene vary.

Inconclusion, both The Irony of American and The Quiet American havevarious factors in common. According to what has been explained, thebooks share varied points such as the basing on America and others.However, they also differ. The difference occurs regarding majorthemes and setting among others. A reader thus needs to be very keenso that they realize those as mentioned earlier.


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