Survey Method of Research


SurveyMethod of Research

Compare andcontrast the different ways of administering a survey? Different waysof administering survey include face-to-face structured interview,telephone survey, paper and pencil survey, and online survey. Thesemethods compare with the way they all influence the rate of responseand eventual results. Differences came about based on either personalapproach or self-administered approach. Face-to-face structuredinterview and telephone survey are both personal approach, while bothpaper and pencil survey and online survey are self-administeredapproach.

What method wouldyou use in what circumstance and why? Face-to-face structuredinterview could be used when there is a need for good response rates.It is because the need for visual materials is required during theactual survey. Paper and pencil survey when computers are notavailable. This is because the inability to use computers may proveto be a problem. Online survey is carried out when a huge sample ofdata is required. The reason for this is because it offersconvenience and flexibility.

Why is it importantto have a well-constructed survey question? It is important forsurvey questions to be well-constructed to evoke the truth, seek ananswer to only one of the dimensions, and easily accommodate allanswers available. The questions should be able to evoke the truthfollowing the multiple answers type for easier despondence andanalysis during a surveying practice.

How can a poorlywritten question impact validity and reliability? Poorly writtenquestion lacks clarity, description, explanation, and exploration.Such a question may also be incomplete and are neither open norclosed-ended question. Therefore, its validity and reliability isaltered with, and may become difficult to comprehend.

Responsesto first question

Person 1 response: In response to the answer given to thefirst question, it was based on the necessity of the survey questionover different ways of interpretation and approaches. Here, it istrue to note that a well-constructed survey question helps to elicitanswers that are clear and precise, like what the person said when heor she based the answer on probing for a valid and a less-vagueresponse.

Person 4 response: In response to person 4 answers to thefirst question, it based on the direct impact of the differentapproaches compared and contrasted. The different ways are delved onclarity and expression from the intended purpose given, which iscorrect since a survey question had to be viewed from differentperspective regardless of the magnitude of the survey.

Person 6 response: In response to person 6 answers on thefirst question, his or her researcher`s ability to gather informationbased on a well-constructed survey question is determined by the kindof survey conducted. Here, the answer lies in the efficiency ofcollecting data. Of importance is also the answer can truly measurewhatever is needed, which means the question is successful inunderstanding the kind of answered that was expected.

Responseto second question

Person 2responses: Person 2 answer on validity and reliability failed tofocus on the details of the question, but the despondences arethought to be contingency-based. Validity and reliability are basedon the clarity of the answer given. The answer to this question isdirected towards a representation of the population under survey. Theanswer provided is correct considering the question has to bestraightforward, and not trigger guesses on the answer.

Person 3response: The validity and reliability of the poorly-writtensurvey question is about true representation, which the answeradhered to. The answer also succeeded in highlighting how thedishonesty of the questions asked, is likely to discourage targetgoals. The writer, however, failed to expound on the answer sinceconsistency alone is not enough. It is also because validity andreliability alone are not enough to justice a poorly written surveyquestion.

Person 5 response: On the validity and reliability answer didnot expound much on the poorly-written question, apart frommeasurements. The answer failed to explain further on the questionasked. Validity and reliability favor an open-ended question, butwhen it comes to a poorly-written question, evoking of the truth ismuch needed. Here, the answer given emphasizes on gaps left by thequestion, which is true of validity and reliability can only demandmuch from a question, and not a poorly-written one.