Wewill design our survey and identify the objectives of our study. Todo our survey, we will sample 200 students selected randomly from Foxbusiness school register. Our goals are to find the preferencebetween genders on how students study and to get students opinionsabout their preferred method of studying. We decided to reach ourrespondents through email and do the follow-ups with the telephone.We decided to use closed questionnaire apart from open questionnairesto avoid generalized answers. The respondents were not to indicatenames, but remain anonymous. The questionnaire will have severalquestions that will allow the respondent to answer based on responsesgiven. After our survey, we will analyze the responses and print theresult on a template and then draw a conclusion of our study.



  • Male

  • Female

Doyou like to study in a public place?

  • Yes

  • No

Howoften do you in study in the library?

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Never

Howdo you like to study?

  • Group

  • Alone

Howdo you study for your finals?

  • In group discussions

  • Alone in your room

  • Never

  • At library

Whichsources do you like to use when studying?

  • Electronic

  • Hard copy

Howoften do you read a newspaper?

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Never

Forhow long do you read in hours?

  • 1-4 hours

  • 4-6hours

  • 6-8hours

  • None of the above


Fowler,F. J. (2013). Research Method